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The Toshiba MQ01ABD100H 1TB is a 2.5" 1000GB Hybrid Drive.

It uses the SATA 3Gb/s interface and has a speed of 5400 RPM.


Toshiba MQ01ABD100H 1TB

Drive TypeHybrid DriveThis defines whether the drive is a large-capacity slower hard disk drive, a smaller-capacity but much faster solid-state drive, or a hybrid
Physical Size2.5"The size of the drive dictates which drive bays it will fit into - generally a small drive will fit into any bigger drive bay with an adapter
Capacity1000GBThe drive storage capacity is the limit to the size of files that can be stored
Release Date01 Feb 2014 The later the release, the more likely manufacturer support will still be around
Cache Size32MBThe bigger the cache, the more data that can be temporarily stored for faster access
RPM5400 RPMThe higher the RPM, the faster the hard drive, and the faster stored data can be accessed
Drive InterfaceSATA 3Gb/sThe interface is the type of motherboard connection and defines the bandwidth limit of the drive

MQ01ABD100H 1TB compatibility review

The Toshiba MQ01ABD100H 1TB is a hybrid drive, which means it stores data using a combination of solid-state drive and hard disk drive technology. The purpose of this design is to provide the large storage capacities that HDDs offer while enabling a significant boost in performance as a result of the embedded SSD. The SSD within the hybrid drive acts as a cache for frequently used data in order to bolster read and write speeds. Hybrid drives are as a result a fantastic option for those unwilling to either sacrifice storage capacity or invest a hefty sum into a large SSD, as they offer the best of both worlds at a reasonable price. There are some negatives, however, such as accessing uncommonly used files can actually take longer than an HDD due to the HDD part of the hybrid drive having to spin up, which can take a few seconds (this can also create some noise). Hybrid drives essentially have to learn your behaviour before you reap the caching benefits.is a good example of a high performance hybrid drive, and should complement any PC build as a primary storage device.

With a cache of 32MB, the Toshiba MQ01ABD100H 1TB can store a large amount of data temporarily, which will result in speedy loading times for previously loaded files and applications. At a speed of 5400 RPM, the hybrid drive spins at a below average speed. This speed is common for laptop hard drives, and may have long-term reliability and low-power benefits, but the resulting hard drive performance is noticeably slow.

With a capacity of 1000GB, the Toshiba MQ01ABD100H 1TB has a decent amount of storage. Using the SATA 2.0 3Gb/s interface this hybrid drive will not be limited by its connection with the motherboard, and there is currently no real reason to choose SATA 3.0 over SATA 2.0 for a mechanical hybrid drive (SSDs are another matter).

A form factor size of 2.5" is standard for laptop drives and solid-state drives, and this will fit into any 2.5" drive bay. These drive bays are not yet ubiquitous, but it will also fit into a standard 3.5" or 5.25" drive bay with the appropriate adapter.

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