XFX XXX Edition 750W

The XFX XXX Edition 750W has a maximum capacity of 750 Watts.

It has an 80 Plus rating of Gold and its dimensions (LxWxH) are 17cm x 15cm x 8.6cm.


XFX XXX Edition 750W

help iconCapacity1Whelp icon+12V Count1
help iconForm Factor1help iconLength1cm
help icon80 Plus Rating1help iconWidth1cm
help iconEfficiency at 100%1%help iconHeight1cm
help iconEfficiency at 50%1%help iconModularyes
help iconEfficiency at 20%1%help iconSilentyes
help iconInput Voltage1help icon24 Pin Mobo Connectoryes
help iconInput Frequency Range1help icon4+4 Pin CPU Connectoryes
help icon+3.3V Output1Ahelp icon8 Pin Connectors1
help icon+5V Output1Ahelp iconSATA Connector1
help icon+12V Output1A

XFX XXX Edition 750W compatibility review

The XFX XXX Edition 750W power supply has a maximum wattage output of 750W. This should run most PC builds with ease, but might not be enough for power hungry graphics card setups such as SLI or Crossfire combinations. Remember that a higher PSU capacity does not necessarily equate to a higher wattage output and a more expensive electricity bill. In fact, you may find that a higher capacity PSU will function more efficiently than a lower capacity PSU because it is dealing with a lower percentage of its maximum load - that is, it is not being stressed to the same extent.

The XFX XXX Edition 750W has an 80 Plus rating of Gold. This means the PSU operates at average efficiency levels of at least 87%, 90%, and 87% for loads of 100%, 50%, and 20% respectively. Gold is the second-best 80 Plus certificate available, and as such the XFX XXX Edition 750W is extremely efficient and comes highly recommended. The actual efficiencies for this PSU are 88.00%, 90.86%, and 88.37%, for loads of 100%, 50%, and 20%.

The dimensions of the XFX XXX Edition 750W (LxWxH) are 17cm x 15cm x 8.6cm. Make sure to compare these measurements against the case you desire if planning on using it in a build.

The XFX XXX Edition 750W is not modular, meaning that cables are built into the PSU itself and cannot be taken out and connected back in as necessary. This can result in difficult cable management and consequently a messy build and poor airflow.

The XFX XXX Edition 750W is not designed for low volumes, meaning that its constant drone while your PC is on could potentially be noticeable and irritating, though this may only be a problem for those that require silent environments.

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