RX 6600 XT price rumored at $349 and launch expected on August 11th, RX 6600 at $299
By Neil Soutter on July 27th, 2021 at 01:06pm - original article from game-debate

The current year has been pretty awful for the PC hardware industry, as not only are the new graphics cards hard to come by, they are usually overpriced by a considerable amount. That said, a new GPU launch is always exciting, and new reports suggest the new RX 6600 XT could be launching soon for a decent MSRP.

That is, if these cards can stay anywhere close to MSRP upon release. The current report suggests the upcoming RX 6600 XT will be launching on August 11th for $349. Its smaller sibling, the RX 6600, is also rumored to be releasing soon after at $299 instead.

Card Game Clock (MHz) Boost Clock (MHz) Compute Units Stream Processors Infinity Cache Memory TBP Price (MSRP)
2015 2250 80 5120 128MB 16GB GDDR6 300W $999
72 4608 $649
1815 2105 60 3840 250W $579
2424 2581 40 2560 96MB 12GB GDDR6 230W $479
* - - 32 2048 32MB 8GB GDDR6 130W $349
* - - 28 1792 4/8GB GDDR6 $299

*Specs listed are rumored and not official, and therefore are subject to change.

Previous rumors pegged the RX 6600 XT for $399 which was quite high, so the new source seems a little more realistic at least. Both cards will be equipped with the exact same specs like 8GB of GDDR6 memory. 32MB of Infinity Cache, and a TBP of 130W. Except for slightly fewer Compute Units/Stream Processors on the RX 6600.

Rumors point to the RX 6600 XT’s performance somewhere between the RTX 3060 ($329) and the RTX 3060 Ti ($399), so it makes sense for the pricing to be somewhere in the middle as well. Though no performance expectations have been released for the RX 6600 yet, though based on the aforementioned RX 6600 XT’s performance we can expect it to perform slightly under the RTX 3060.

The good news is that as we come closer to the end of the year, GPU prices are slowly dropping across Europe which will eventually come to other countries as well. That, and the fact that AMD is significantly increasing supply each quarter, and a smaller GPU die than previous cards, means we’ll hopefully see more RX 6600 XTs and RX 6600s on the market, and therefore slightly less inflated prices.

What do you think? Are you excited for the RX 6600 XT and RX 6600? Do the prices make sense? Or are they still too expensive for the performance they offer? Let us know your thoughts!