Up For Debate - Is your GPU and CPU overheating in the Summer heat?
By Chad Norton on July 24th, 2021 at 05:00pm - original article from game-debate

If you live anywhere in the northern hemisphere, then you’ll know that we’re right on the tail end of Summer now. But before we all get sad that Summer is nearly over, some of us are still experiencing intense heat waves, which can sometimes spell doom for our beloved gaming PCs.

We’ve talked before about how hot should your CPU and GPU be running whilst gaming, but that’s specifically talking about component temperatures when running at idle and whilst gaming, but it never touched on how hot should they run during a heatwave, or how you cool your PC during a heatwave (though that last one was its own Up For Debate a few years ago).

For reference, here’s the general consensus on how hot your CPU and GPU should be running whilst gaming and at idle, according to you guys from November 2020:

  • Idle: 30C / 86F
  • Gaming: 70C / 158F

It’s worth noting that other temperatures on either side of these numbers got lots of votes too, so you definitely have some wiggle room there. However, these were the answers with the most votes.

So now the question is this: how do these proposed temps for CPUs and GPUs whilst idle and gaming hold up in a heatwave? And do they still hold up for the new RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series graphics cards now that we’ve had our hands on them for a while? And what do you do to cool your PC during the summer heat?

What do you think? Is your GPU and CPU overheating in the summer heat? What do you do to cool it down during a heatwave? How accurate are those idle and gaming temperatures now? Are they still relevant for the new generation of graphics cards and processors? Let’s debate!