RTX 3090 graphics cards are getting bricked after playing New World Closed Beta
By Stuart Thomas on July 21st, 2021 at 01:20pm - original article from game-debate

A warning is going round for any users who own an RTX 3090 graphics card and planning to play the recently released Closed Beta for the upcoming MMORPG from Amazon known as New World. As it turns out, some users have been reporting issues that end up bricking their GPU, rendering it unusable.

The strange problem only seems to be related to RTX 3090 graphics cards, not any others, and seems to come from the game’s uncapped frame rate and 24GB memory buffer. Although details are not exactly clear, many reports from users claim their new RTX 3090 is completely broken after booting up and playing New World for a short while.

Good Afternoon. So after hitting the play button for New World beta the game started to load, followed immediately by fan speeds increasing to 100%, fps dropping to 0, and then my monitors turning off and my NVIDIA video card is no longer detected,” said one user on the official New World forums

Even after the game crashes though, it seems that the GPU can’t even get past the POST (Power-On Self-Test) on bootup: “So i reboot the PC and everything seemed to work fine, i even tried a few other games to make sure and i had no problems. So i hit play on New World again and same thing happen but this time i heard a loud pop and now my 3090 wont get past POST on bootup.

Unfortunately it's not just the one user, as multiple other users have claimed the same issue has happened to their RTX 3090 graphics cards from different manufacturers. All of which experienced the same issues of fan speeds ramping up to 100% and then 0fps before encountering black screens.

One user said they managed to get it working again by booting with an alternative BIOS and then reinstalling firmware. However, it’s unclear if this solution has entirely fixed the problem or if there is now long-term damage done to the GPU.

Of course, the problem isn’t just the fact that the game is completely breaking these cards, but also that they are some of the most expensive models on the market right now in terms of MSRP ($1500). Add on top of that the still-inflated prices and limited availability and these are some of the hardest GPUs to get right now. Though many users have reported they have contacted the manufacturer about a full refund, but it’s still not an ideal situation for anyone.

Either way, if you are planning on playing New World Closed Beta anytime soon, make sure you’re not running it with an RTX 3090 graphics card. Try and use an older/spare one for now if you can, or wait until Amazon is able to patch the issue.

What do you think? Are you excited for New World? Will you be playing the Closed Beta? Have you already experienced the same issue with your RTX 3090 graphics card? And what is performance like on your GPU if you don’t have a 3090? Let us know!