Cooler Master reveals the ORB X GamePod, a semi-enclosed immersive workstation for gamers
By Chad Norton on July 13th, 2021 at 11:15am - original article from game-debate

The idea of a semi-enclosed workstation (AKA, a ‘GamePod’) has been gaining more attraction in the gaming and workplace industry: an all-in-one workstation that also provides comfort, flexibility, and immersion. There have been some… interesting designs to say the least, and Cooler Master has just revealed their own version.

The Cooler Master ORB X is the latest GamePod design to be revealed, and comparisons to a giant white egg have already been made, so don’t even think about mentioning the same down below. Unfortunately CM did not reveal a price for such a setup, but we at least know some of the features.

Now before you ask, no it does not come with a PC and therefore no graphics card either. You’ll have to supply your own rig, but there’s at least a hidden compartment where your PC can slide in or out for easy access, and it comes in black too. It also has some sweet RGBs, yo.

In terms of features, there’s support for multiple screen mounts, so you can have either a single 49” monitor or if you want to go full immersion then up to three 27” monitors. Plus, there’s a 2.1 immersive sound system housed directly inside the workstation itself for a true spatial audio experience.

Cooler Master ORB X GamePod colors Cooler Master ORB X GamePod side view

More obviously, the capsule is a semi-enclosed environment giving you some proper gaming privacy, and the detached dome on top lifts up to give you ample room to get inside and get comfy. There’s also an ergonomic, adjustable chair for advanced comfort and lumber support.

Really, it’s the perfect gaming chair since it has everything in one. Just plug in your PC and you’ve got everything you need to start going. Well, I guess you do need a keyboard come to think of it, but apart from that it’s all good! And you don’t have to feel about gaming with it, as it’s aimed at gamers and professionals too.

Cooler Master ORB X GamePod dome entry Cooler Master ORB X GamePod audio system

There’s mention of VR, AR, and haptics support but little explanation as to what that actually means. VR is fine since sitting in a chair whilst VR gaming isn’t bad, but AR and haptics sound really fun. Can the chair rumble as a grenade goes off next to me whilst playing Battlefield? These are the questions I want answered, Mr. Cooler Master.

Again, Cooler Master hasn't announced an official price tag or release date yet, but judging by the features it’s probably a lot more expensive than you think. Is it worth it though for an immersive gaming experience? Probably not unless you just won the lottery, but maybe CM will surprise us, possibly… hopefully.

What do you think? Are you interested in the ORB X GamePod? Would you use one for a normal gaming session? Do you think it’s worth it for immersive gaming? How much do you reckon it costs? Let us know your thoughts!