Nintendo Switch OLED Model officially revealed, launches October 8th for $349, no 4K support
By Chad Norton on July 6th, 2021 at 04:22pm - original article from game-debate

For a long time now it has been rumored that Nintendo was about to launch the Nintendo Switch Pro model, which would feature 4K and DLSS support along with some upgraded hardware and a larger screen. Now Nintendo have officially announced a new Switch model, but it’s not exactly what was rumored.

Say hello to the Nintendo Switch OLED Model! As the name implies, the new model now has a full OLED screen, plus an increased size of 7-inches, double the internal storage capacity, and lots more features. The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is launching on October 8th 2021 (the same day as Metroid Dread) for $349.

Along with the new, larger OLED screen and increased storage capacity, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model also includes a wide, adjustable stand for easy and comfortable viewing when in Tabletop mode. There’s also a built-in wired LAN port as well as enhanced audio capabilities.

Nintendo also clarified that all joy-con controllers previously released will be compatible with the new OLED model, as well as all Switch games released thus far. Essentially, it is just another option for gamers to choose from when deciding to purchase a Nintendo Switch.

Obviously this is not the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, so it’s possible Nintendo is still planning on a 4K-compatible mobile console that will come out later down the line. As it is now, the OLED Model features practically the same hardware as previous models, maxing out at 720p in mobile mode and 1080p docked.

What do you think? Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model? Will you be getting one? Do you have one right now? Which model do you own? And do you think Nintendo will still come out with a 4K-compatible one? Let us know!