Graphics card prices and availability to get better by Q2 2022, says Acer
By Stuart Thomas on June 2nd, 2021 at 01:11pm - original article from game-debate

As anyone who has been trying to get any new PC hardware during this pandemic will know, we have been going through a sort of technological drought. A global chip shortage means electronics manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand, and now Acer has stepped into the conversation with their own predictions.

According to the hardware manufacturer, prices and availability for graphics cards should improve by Q2 2022. But for now, the company can barely meet the global demand for new PC hardware, as said by Tiffany Huang, the co-Chief Operating Officer of Acer, in a recent interview with the press.

We have a severe shortage,” they said, noting that “it will continue to be slow until the first quarter or second quarter of next year.” On a slightly more dire note, Huang added that “on any day I can only fill 50% of the worldwide demand.

You’d think that by now, despite the limited availability and absurd prices of PC hardware, at least some people would have gotten what they wanted and demand would start to slow down. Clearly that is not the case, and if Acer can only fulfil 50% of their global demand then we’re not even close to being out of the woods just yet.

Ben Lee, the Senior Principal Analyst on semiconductors at analyst firm Gartner, agreed with Huang’s statement saying that the global chip shortage will continue until at least Q2 2022: “We are at the most serious shortage, or the tip, right now,” said Lee, “For some different components, they have had prices rise in the past two or three quarters.

Indeed, prices have skyrocketed for certain PC components, to the point where high end GPUs are now like diamonds. Some cards are even being sold for up to 3 times their original MSRP in Europe, which has been steadily increasing since January this year.

If we are indeed at the peak of the worst of it right now, then at least that means it can only start getting better. It may be a long and slow process before everything returns to normal (as in, GPUs sold at their actual MSRP and no more fighting to actually get your hands on one), but at least this won’t last forever.

As a result of Acer’s ability to only fulfil 50% of global demand, the company has decided to supply work and education-based technology over gaming devices because “people really deserve a right to be able to continue their living and learning.

What do you think? Do you agree with the statement above? Are you happy waiting for Q2 2022 before it gets any better? Have you been looking to buy any new PC hardware recently? Let us know!