AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution could be launching in June, may even work on old Nvidia GPUs
By Neil Soutter on May 10th, 2021 at 03:11pm - original article from game-debate

Nvidia has been crushing it lately with their proprietary DLSS technology, which manages to upscale images using AI whilst retaining similar image quality. But AMD has been cooking up their own version as well and so far we haven’t heard anything regarding a concrete release date. However, new information suggests we could be seeing an official launch next month, and the tech could even possibly work on older Nvidia cards.

The information comes from sources who have claimed to be in contact with developers within the industry who have already gotten an early version of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) - which makes sense considering what 4A Games said recently about FSR not being compatible with Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition - and have revealed some tantalizing details.

The first major detail is that the technology could be launching as early as June, which would make sense given that AMD is already speaking at Computex in the first week of the month, with AMD’s CEO herself, Dr. Lisa Su, given a presentation. Given the date of that talk, and the hype for E3 2021, it’s definitely plausible that AMD could launch it during that time. All we know officially is that it will be coming to PC users sometime this year.

The second is that FSR will be using an algorithmic super sampling technique which upscales the image with minimal overhead, and can be implemented early on in the developer’s pipeline. This means the process of implementing it will be quick and easy, and could lead to more games supporting the technology.

AMD has long stated that their goal is to make sure FSR is cross platform, and this latest information reaffirms that but is still a little skeptical. Essentially, this could just be what AMD hopes for FSR, but may not necessarily make it to the final product: if AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is indeed cross platform, that means it could be used by Nvidia graphics cards and next-gen consoles as well.

What is equally exciting about that is the prospect that it could even work on older Nvidia cards, ones that do not support Nvidia’s own DLSS technology. That’s not exactly definite, but it is a possibility to at least get interested in it. Though we’ll have to hear from AMD’s mouth themselves for official confirmation on that.

As for performance improvements? According to the latest info, the FPS improvements are looking good, but there’s no definitive comparison yet in terms of actual raw numbers in comparison to DLSS, but they are promising.

It’s unlikely FSR will be able to directly compete against Nvidia’s DLSS right out of the gate, as Nvidia has been working on it for nearly 3 years now and is so far on its second generation, whereas AMD hasn’t been working on it for nearly as long. Instead, it will get better over time as more developers use it, and if it manages to be more widespread than DLSS due its simplicity and ease of implementation, Nvidia may have to start buckling their seat belts.

What do you think? Are you excited for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution? Do you think it will be able to compare to DLSS straight away? Or will it take a while to reach the same level of performance improvements? And how would this affect DLSS right now? Let us know your thoughts!