Intel DG2 graphics card is right around the corner, could launch sooner than expected
By Chad Norton on May 6th, 2021 at 04:17pm - original article from game-debate

For a while now Intel has been teasing us regarding their first discrete desktop graphics card for the desktop PC market, but have yet to know when it will actually release. In a time where getting your hands on a GPU is nigh impossible thanks to a global chip shortage and cryptocurrency boom, a new card on the market will be welcomed with open arms. According to Intel though, it’s “right around the corner”.

We know the graphics card will launch sometime in 2021, at least that’s what Intel has already stated before, but it might actually come quicker than we thought. A new job advertisement gives some indication as to how far along the Blue Team is, as well as an official engineer at Intel saying as much.

Come work with us at Intel!” says Pete Brubaker, a Game Developer Relations engineer at Intel. “DG2 is right around the corner, it's about to get exciting.

Apart from that little tease though, the job role itself indicates Intel is further along in development than initially thought. The role, a Senior Game Developer Relations Engineer, essentially is responsible for liaising with game developers and optimizing their code for the hardware.

That means Intel is already looking for engineers to work with developers in relation to the graphics cards, so Intel’s DG2 GPU may very well indeed be just around the corner.

However, taking a look at the information and other comments online, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the GPU actually launch before Q3 2021, and even then could only be the mobile variants and not the desktop versions. But if the past year has taught us anything in the PC hardware industry, it’s that anything can happen.

Of course, Intel will obviously want to get it out as soon as possible if they’ve been studying the market, as hundreds of thousands of gamers are still eagerly awaiting the chance to get a new card in their system. Hopefully they won’t rush it out the door, but the pressure could help to speed up the process a bit.

There’s still no word on any official specs, but the latest rumors pointed towards 5 different SKUs with varying levels of specs for mid-range to high-end hardware. But we’ll have to wait for Intel for anything concrete in terms of specs and performance.

What do you think? Are you excited for Intel’s DG2 graphics card? Would you switch to Intel over Nvidia or AMD if performance/price is competitive? When do you reckon it will actually launch? Let us know!