RX 6000 series graphics cards to see increased supply, AMD promises to ramp up production
By Stuart Thomas on April 29th, 2021 at 01:08pm - original article from game-debate

PC hardware has been in short supply recently, mostly thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit electronics manufacturers hard and resulted in a global chip shortage. Graphics cards have also been hit hard as both Nvidia and AMD released their new generation of GPUs last year, with unprecedented demand for the improved hardware. AMD especially has been struggling to keep up with demand, but thankfully the situation looks to be improving soon.

Speaking in a recent earnings call the CEO of AMD, Dr. Lisa Su, explained how the Red Team expects to increase supply for their RX 6000 series graphics cards over the next few months: “we expect Radeon 6000 Series GPU sales to grow significantly over the coming quarters as we ramp production.

We see good customer ordering patterns and strong backlog. And then we have also seen that the supply chain has been tight overall for the semiconductor industry. And we've been working very closely with our supply chain partners. And so we also have good visibility to additional supply as we go throughout the year.

AMD also acknowledged the significant demand on their GPUs, which are present in both desktops and next-gen consoles: “whether you're talking about consoles or you're talking about PC gaming or you're talking about the overall sort of gaming ecosystem, there's a significant demand. And so we believe there's strong demand, and we're continuing to ramp supply to meet that.

Since their launch, both the RX 6000 series and Nvidia’s RTX 30 series have seen significant demand. Despite the shortages, Nvidia stated that the RTX 30 series is their best launch yet, and AMD also acknowledged how demand has exceeded their supply (and still is): 

We're happy with the progress. I think gamers really appreciate the product. It's fair to say that the graphics demand is very high across the marketplace. So we've actually put quite a bit of product into the market, but the demand still exceeds supply.

Hopefully this means we’ll start to see the increased prices for GPUs go down a little, as more supply means more gamers are able to actually get their hands on the cards and more potential for selling GPUs at MSRP. Though don’t expect AMD to meet demand straight away, as hardware shortages could last anywhere from most of the year, or even until 2022.

However, AMD is also still planning to launch their RX 6000 mobile graphics cards soon, which could put a strain on the availability of desktop GPUs.

What do you think? Have you been trying to get your hands on an RX 6000 graphics card? Which one have you been looking to get? And do you think supply will increase significantly? Or just a little? Let us know!