Galax warns users that mining crypto with SSDs will void the warranty
By Stuart Thomas on April 28th, 2021 at 04:29pm - original article from game-debate

The world of cryptocurrencies has seen an incomprehensible surge recently, and the boom doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. In fact, a new cryptocurrency is soon to be emerging, but it will be using a very different PC component than your graphics card in order to mine it.

Chia Coin is on the tips of everyone’s tongue in the Asian regions apparently. This new cryptocurrency leverages the power and space of storage devices rather than the actual raw computational power of graphics cards and processors. Because of this, China has already braced for the surge in demand for HDDs and SSDs by increasing prices up to 67%.

If the craze catches on anywhere outside of Asia as much as it has over there already, then we could see prices rise for SSDs and HDDs across the board.

However, one known PC hardware manufacturer has noticed this trend: Galax - and has warned users that mining cryptocurrencies like Chia Coin with their SSDs will void the warranty due to overworking and increased potential for permanent damage:

If users use our SSD products for mining/farming and other abnormal operations, the data write volume is much higher than the daily use standard, and the SSD will slow down or be damaged due to excessive data write volume,” said Galax China, translated.

After-sales by our company After testing and qualitatively damaged according to the test results, according to our SSD product quality assurance regulations, we have the right to refuse to provide related quality assurance services. The final interpretation right belongs to the company.

Obviously that has translated from Chinese through the use of machine learning technology, so it’s not exactly a correct translation, but the message is still there: using storage devices for crypto mining will introduce more stress on the device and potentially void the warranty.

There’s no information provided whether Galax will be able to tell if a storage device has been used for crypto mining, because if they can somehow distinguish it then what separates someone from using a device too much for crypto mining and a genuinely damaged product? And if they can’t actually tell the difference then we may very well see warranties affected across the board, which wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Unfortunately there’s no real solution here that we can offer, so consider this a PSA for rising prices and possible discontinued warranties for HDDs and SSDs soon.

What do you think? How can PC hardware manufacturers combat this? How would they distinguish a genuinely faulty product from one that was used for crypto mining? And do you think this issue will eventually spread to the West like the US and Europe? Let us know!