RTX 3080 Ti anticipation leads to EVGA offering Elite membership for a chance to buy it
By Chad Norton on April 27th, 2021 at 01:18pm - original article from game-debate

The state of the global PC hardware industry is pretty dire to say the least, with a global chip shortage on one hand that is reducing available supply whilst also driving up prices, and a cryptocurrency boom that almost ensures gamers won’t be able to get their hands on the already-limited supply. So in anticipation for the RTX 3080 Ti’s launch, EVGA is offering Elite membership to loyal customers for a chance at actually buying the new GPU.

One of the biggest hurdles customers have had to face when purchasing a new graphics card is actually being able to find one before scalpers, bots, and crypto miners snatch up all the stock in a few minutes, often resulting in third-party websites and stock notifications to let you know when a GPU is in stock across hundreds of different stores.

So to make things a little bit easier, EVGA is offering what they are calling “Elite Membership” to certain loyal customers and active users in the community as an added layer of protection that ensures only those who truly need a new GPU can have the chance at getting one.

To qualify for EVGA Elite membership requires one of two options: either by purchasing Qualifying Hardware or through Community Involvement.

In terms of Qualifying Hardware, that means you must have either purchased 1 or 2 of the specified products, which includes a range of graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies etc.

For the Community Involvement qualification you will need to have either have spent 5000 E-points by watching EVGA livestreams on Twitch, or have at least 100 post on the EVGA forums.

Overall, there’s quite a few ways to qualify for Elite membership, and all show your loyalty and engagement with the community to prove that you’re not just some heartless bot there to buy out all the stock before anyone else has a chance to buy it as well.

As an EVGA Elite Member you also gain access to some exclusive benefits like product discounts and even priority access to new product launches:

As an Elite Member you can now enjoy a full day of exclusive access to all new EVGA products. All EVGA ELITE Members will now have the first 24 hours of a NEW product launch to purchase or enter the queue system!” EVGA said.

What a world we live in today where programs like this are the only way of ensuring customers can actually buy the graphics cards and other PC hardware that they need, and to have to prove their loyalty in order to get a chance at buying it. It’s not a bad system, but crazy to think about for sure.

What do you think? Is this a good system for EVGA to implement? Do you think this will help protect against bots and scalpers? Or will it not help at all? WIll you become an EVGA Elite member? Let us know!