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RTX 30 series has been Nvidias best launch yet, more top-end GPUs bought by gamers
By Neil Soutter on April 16th, 2021 at 12:38pm - original article from game-debate

Despite the ongoing global chip shortage, which is now expected to last all the way until 2023, Nvidia’s recent investor presentation revealed that the latest RTX 30 series graphics card lineup has been the company’s most successful launch ever, with more gamers buying top-end GPUs this generation.

In fact, taking a look at the numbers and charts, the Ampere generation has been an overwhelming success compared to the previous 2 generations. Looking at the information provided, the RTX 30 series (Ampere) has sold over twice as much as the previous-gen RTX 20 series (Turing), and the previous-previous-gen GTX 10 series (Pascal).


RTX 30 series best launch ever investor slide

Additionally, the RTX 30 series has gained twice as much share on Steam over the previous generation. Plus, more gamers than ever have purchased high-end gaming cards that cost $299 or more, with the current ASP (Average Selling Price) at $360 for the RTX 30 series (these results have all been obtained for the same time period shortly after launch, based on MSRP and not inflated GPU prices).


Of course, this all makes sense during a time where gamers are buying whatever is available to them at the time. Some users may spend a bit more money on a higher-end GPU just because it’s available, or vice versa. And a lot of people who stayed at home this past year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic saw more reason to upgrade their old graphics card.

But even then, these numbers are pretty impressive for the company, and demand does not seem to be slowing down at any point soon. We’ll have to see what happens when the RTX 40 series eventually launches (codenamed “Ampere Next”), and how the numbers will be affected there. But for now, PC gaming is here to stay and is only getting bigger.


What do you think? Do these numbers make sense to you? Did you buy an RTX 30 series graphics card? Did you go for a higher or lower model? Was it because of the price? Or availability? Or did you just want an even better performing GPU? Let us know!