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Up For Debate - What was your first ever graphics card?
By Chad Norton on April 10th, 2021 at 05:00pm - original article from game-debate

We’re feeling a bit nostalgic here at Game Debate for some reason, and so we’ve decided to reminisce on the good ole days considering that no one is actually able to buy a brand new graphics card at the moment at a decent price, since prices have risen once again due to the global chip shortage currently going on.

So that got us thinking: what was your first ever graphics card? Was it a beast at the time? Or on the lower end of the spectrum as you tested your foot in the water? Was it a GPU already in your family’s machine? What was it? And what was the first one you bought yourself?

I think it’s fun to look back at these things, especially now as we live in an era where 24GB of video memory is a normal thing. Back in the old days just 1GB of VRAM was considered a lot, so it’s really interesting to see how far we’ve come (and fun to think about the future of video games and graphics hardware, which will undoubtedly reveal a GPU with 1TB of VRAM. As crazy as it sounds, it will eventually happen).

For instance, my first ever PC had a measly ¬¬gc_id:1149[GTX 650]¬¬ inside. That was pretty okay for low-end gaming back in 2013 when I built the PC (I was a console boi up until then), and it packed 1024MB of GDDR5 VRAM with 384 CUDA Cores and a TDP of 65W.

That’s a far cry from Nvidia’s enthusiast GPU the RTX 3080, which boasts a whopping 10GB of GDDR6X VRAM, 8704 CUDA Cores and a TDP of 320W.

I only put the comparison there to show how far we have actually come since my first ever graphics card. I don’t actually own an ¬¬gc_id:5003[RTX 3080]¬¬ and at this point I’m pretty sure no one does. But either way, those are the specs and it’s insane to think that’s where we are now 8 years on.

So what about you? What was your first ever graphics card? Do you remember the specs of it? How much VRAM did it have? And was it your own first GPU, or was it someone else’s before you got your own? Did you build your first PC? Get it pre-built? Or inherited it from someone else? Let us know!