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Up For Debate - Have you ever fried a PC or hardware component?
By Chad Norton on April 5th, 2021 at 05:00pm - original article from game-debate

Computers are fickle things. In fact, I’m completely convinced that nobody has any idea how they actually work. They’re like airplanes: there is no reason at all why a big chunk of metal heavier than an entire zoo standing on a dinner plate should be able to fly, yet it does.

When it comes to all things electronic, there’s a certain understanding that the user is expecting it to work without any issues whatsoever for a good long while. Manufacturers are usually so confident that they will offer up a warranty: “if it breaks, we’ll send you a new one” (obviously not that simple, but you get the idea).

But every now and then - a little hitch here, or a faint sound there - something will happen that will give you unwavering anxiety that something, somewhere, has just broken. If your game is still running, then it was probably nothing bad, but if sparks start flying and you have to grab the nearest extinguisher then there’s probably something wrong with your computer.

So today we wanted to ask whether or not you have ever experienced a hardware failure so bad you needed to get in touch with the manufacturer, get your hands dirty, or just find a replacement. 

For all the users out there who still think computers are literal magic, this is to make sure we name and shame those companies who have not been great at fixing the issue or helping you with the problem in order to stay far away from them, and also to see what your general experience with a warranty was like.

Because let’s face it, we’ve all been there at one point. Looking online as to why something isn’t working the way it should, only to find out you have something faulty or you broke it on accident.

So with that said, have you ever fried a PC or hardware component? What did you do? And how was your experience with the warranty? Did you get an immediate refund/replacement? Or was the process pretty terrible? Let’s debate!