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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution expected to launch on PC later this year
By Stuart Thomas on March 18th, 2021 at 02:30pm - original article from game-debate

Ever since Nvidia released their AI upscaling technology known as DLSS, AMD users have been anxiously awaiting the Red Team’s own version in order to boost performance in games without a significant drop in image quality. Now AMD has confirmed that their DLSS equivalent, FidelityFX Super Resolution, will be launching sometime this year, among other interesting details.

During a recent podcast, CVP and GM at AMD Radeon, Scott Herkelman, was talking about the recent launch of the ¬¬gc_id:5142[RX 6700 XT]¬¬ graphics card and revealed some interesting new information about their own AI upscaling technology, stating that it is still in development as they are working on the actual algorithm behind the tech:

It’s progressing very well internally in our lab, but it’s our commitment to the gaming community that it needs to be open that it needs to work across all things and game developers need to adopt it. Even though it’s progressing well, we still have more work to do and not only internally but with our game developer partners.


We want to launch it this year. We believe we can do that this year, but at the same time we have a lot more work ahead of us. We need to make sure the image quality is there. We need to make sure it can scale from different resolutions. And at the same time that our game developers are happy with what we are producing.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution introduction slide

The good thing is that it seems like AMD is still focusing on the technology being open source and cross platform, which could potentially allow non-AMD hardware to benefit from the tech as well as even next-gen consoles.


Additionally, Herkelman confirmed the official acronym of FidelityFX Super Resolution, which will be FSR, as well as revealing it to be one of the biggest software initiatives the company is focusing on internally right now:

It’s probably one of the biggest software initiatives we have internally because we know how important it is if you want to turn on ray tracing that you don’t just wanna have that competitive hit or your GPU get hit so hard. The FSR (that will be called the acronym), is something key to us to launch this year, but it’s gonna take a little bit more time. We are progressing well, but we still have some work to do.

Finally, Herkelman also revealed that the technology may not be based on machine learning like DLSS is. This is understandable considering AMD’s graphics cards do not include any Tensor Cores, which can be found on the RTX GPUs from Nvidia that help accelerate machine learning computations.


FidelityFX Super Resolution next generation visuals

You don’t need machine learning to do it, you can do this many different ways and we are evaluating many different ways. What matters the most to us is what game developers want to use because if at the end of the day it is just for us, we force people to do it, it is not a good outcome. We would rather say: gaming community, which one of these techniques would you rather see us implement so that this way it can be immediately spread across the industry and hopefully cross-platform.

Apart from that though, Herkelman did not give any more information on exactly when FSR will be coming to PCs, or the supported hardware. Thankfully, even though AMD’s plan is to get the technology on different platforms including consoles, their focus right now is getting it to work on PC first.


What do you think? Are you excited for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution? Does the support for DLSS on Nvidia GPUs right now make you want to buy an RTX 30 series card more? Or are you still waiting for FSR before buying an RX 6000 GPU? Let us know!