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RTX 3070 modded with 16GB of VRAM, and you can technically do it to
By Neil Soutter on March 9th, 2021 at 05:30pm - original article from game-debate

PC hardware modder, VIK-on, has released a new video detailing his process for upgrading the recent RTX 3070 graphics card - that features 8GB of GDDR6 memory - to 16GB of video memory instead. It’s not an easy process, but if you have the tools and necessary parts then you can technically follow along yourself at home.

VIK-on actually did the same thing recently, doubling the available VRAM on their ¬¬gc_id:4023[RTX 2070]¬¬, so they clearly know what they are doing as they are confident enough to do it on the latest RTX 30 series hardware lineup. The process is relatively simple if you break it down: just switch out the eight 1GB memory modules for 2GB ones. Simple as, and you get twice the memory for it.

Fair warning though: the video is in Russian, so enable subtitles if you want to follow along in any other language.

Of course, when it comes to hardware modding, nothing goes smoothly, and VIK-on did experience some difficulties with the hardware after finishing the actual modding itself with black screens and instability issues. Thankfully, they also posted a second video detailing how they fixed these issues.

I guess the one takeaway here is that the ¬¬gc_id:5013[RTX 3070]¬¬ is perfectly compatible with 16GB of VRAM, so it’s possible we may see 16GB variants pop up after the recent stock issues start to get better. Not that you’ll notice a massive performance jump over the original memory capacity considering most games these days (especially at the resolutions the 3070 is targeting) are perfectly fine to play with 8GB of VRAM.

There is of course a slight performance improvement, enough to confirm that the increased VRAM is actually doing something, but the difference is so marginal that you may not really notice it in-game. So is it really worth it?

What do you think? Would you try this out yourself if you had the tools and components necessary? Is 8GB really not enough for the RTX 3070? And is it really necessary to upgrade to 16GB? Let us know your thoughts!