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RTX 3060 performance on par with an RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 in latest 3DMark tests
By Stuart Thomas on February 24th, 2021 at 02:30pm - original article from game-debate

Nvidia’s latest graphics card to hit the market is finally launching tomorrow, and many have been anticipating some prepper benchmarks for the RTX 3060. We got some benchmarks already thanks to the Ashes of the Singularity leaderboards, but we’ve been eagerly awaiting some more traditional benchmarks like the classic 3DMark tests.

Thankfully we now have some 3DMark benchmark results coming from the ¬¬gc_id:5015[RTX 3060]¬¬, and it looks like the card will be on par with the ¬¬gc_id:4550[RTX 2060 Super]¬¬ and even the ¬¬gc_id:4023[RTX 2070]¬¬ in some tests.

Of course these are preliminary benchmark results and so performance may increase upon launch, but given how close we are now to the official release its likely these results won’t change that much, but it's certainly something to keep in mind.

Now onto the RTX 3060 3DMark results…


GPU Fire Strike Extreme Fire Strike Ultra Time Spy Extreme Time Spy Port Royal Superposition 1080p Extreme % Average
¬¬gc_id:5013[RTX 3070]¬¬ 16570 8280 6840 13030 7970 8490 161%
¬¬gc_id:5016[RTX 3060 Ti]¬¬ 14230 6850 6060 11960 6810 7010 139%
¬¬gc_id:4551[RTX 2070 Super]¬¬ 12310 5880 5060 10300 5980 6260 120%
¬¬gc_id:4549[RX 5700 XT]¬¬ 12800 6580 4350 9020 - 4980 113%
¬¬gc_id:4023[RTX 2070]¬¬ 10900 5340 4120 8920 5070 5370 103%
¬¬gc_id:4550[RTX 2060 Super]¬¬ 10560 5210 4070 8800 5020 5150 101%
¬¬gc_id:5015[RTX 3060]¬¬ 10284 5012 4111 8757 5072 5073 100%
¬¬gc_id:4051[RTX 2060]¬¬ 9050 4200 3810 8930 4160 4370 89%

As you can see in the results above, the RTX 3060 comes just shy of the RTX 2060 Super in most tests, and even comes pretty close to the RTX 2070 in some tests as well. Mostly though, it shows a pretty decent jump over the base ¬¬gc_id:4051[RTX 2060]¬¬’s performance, but not quite as good as the ¬¬g_id:23058[Ashes of the Singularity]¬¬ benchmarks we already saw a couple days ago.

What is more interesting to look at is the 3DMark Port Royal benchmark though, as this test determines how well the graphics card is able to run ray tracing effects in real time. Scoring 5072 here, the RTX 3060 is around 22% faster than the RTX 2060, beats out the RTX 2060 Super, and is even on par with the RTX 2070 in terms of ray tracing performance.


On average though, the RTX 2070 is 3% faster than the RTX 3060 and is 1% slower than the RTX 2060 Super. Meaning these cards are in very small margins of each other. That's pretty good for $329 card when the RTX 2060 Super had an MSRP of $399.

What these tests really show is how much better the ¬¬gc_id:5016[RTX 3060 Ti]¬¬ is though, beating out the RTX 2070 Super and scoring nearly 40% better than the RTX 3060 on average.

It is possible that the RTX 3060 performance will improve after launch as its not quite clear whether this GPU was tested with the latest drivers from Nvidia. But again, so close to launch day means it was most likely the case.

Thankfully this time will hopefully be easier to buy the actual cards as crypto miners might not be interested anymore thanks to the mining limiter that has been introduced in the RTX 3060. Though you will still have to compete to find the lowest price since MSRP has been significantly increased.

What do you think? Are you excited for the RTX 3060? How do you feel about these benchmarks? Does performance look good? Let us know your thoughts!