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Intel Rocket Lake CPU prices leaked, 11th Gen might be cheaper than 10th Gen?
By Neil Soutter on January 18th, 2021 at 04:30pm - original article from game-debate

Intel’s upcoming 11th Gen Core series based on the Rocket Lake-S architecture is slated for launch sometime by the end of March. But it’s lineup is a little confusing as the process node used has gone back to 14nm, which has caused the processors to drop in Core count compared to the previous-gen models. Now the prices have been leaked by multiple retailers, and it looks like no one can agree on pricing just yet.

Intel has yet to reveal their official MSRP for the upcoming Rocket Lake CPUs, but multiple retailers have already listed the new series of processors. For instance, Belgian retailer 2Compute has listed the flagship ¬¬p_id:2786[Core i9-11900K]¬¬ (set to beat out even the ¬¬p_id:2783[Ryzen 9 5900X]¬¬) at 604.64 Euros including tax, whilst the Core i9-10900K is listed at 664.29 Euros on the same site.

Intel Core i9-11900K price versus Core i9-10900K price

That means the 10th gen Core processor is actually 9.9% more expensive than it’s 11th Gen Core counterpart.

But that’s not all, as 2Compute has seemingly listed the entire lineup for the Core 11th Gen series of processors, and the difference in price varies massively. Some CPUs are more expensive, and some are less, than the previous-gen Core 10th gen series.

Intel Core 11th Gen versus Core 10th Gen price

Here is a handy chart that compares all the 11th Gen and 10th Gen Core processors from multiple different retailers so you can get an idea of how different they all are from one another.

Intel Core Rocket Lake price comparison

So yeah, it seems like the top-end 11th Gen processors might actually be a bit cheaper than the 10th Gen, though that depends on the model and where you buy it from. That would make some slight sense as the XX900K CPU has gone from a 10 Core processor down to 8 Cores, even if it is a bit more powerful.

Clearly we’ll have to wait and see what Intel says about their official MSRP, and it could just be that retailers are putting placeholder prices just so customers can get an idea of how much they will cost at launch.

What do you think? Are you excited for the 11th Gen Core series from Intel? Are you looking to upgrade your CPU? Let us know!