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RTX 3060 official specs paint a confusing picture, multiple AIBs list different specs
By Stuart Thomas on January 18th, 2021 at 03:00pm - original article from game-debate

Nvidia recently announced the RTX 3060 graphics card at their CES 2021 keynote, and with it also revealed some specs for the new mainstream GPU. However it seems that since then the specs have come into question as multiple AIBs simply can’t agree on the final specs just yet.

There are some obvious specifications that everyone agrees on: the ¬¬gc_id:5015[RTX 3060]¬¬ will feature 12GB of GDDR6 memory for instance. But clock speeds and the maximum bandwidth differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Plus, on top of that, Nvidia’s official teaser for the RTX 3060 didn’t actually show the right GPU die, which is a bit weird.

For one, only Galax has confirmed which GPU the RTX 3060 features: GA106-300. Gainward was also the only one to confirm the 8nm process technology. PNY on the other hand has completely different clock speeds than everyone else, rating the 3060 at 1627MHz and 1852MHz for the base and boost clock speeds respectively, whereas everyone else lists 1320MHz and 1777MHz instead.


RTX 3060 specs PNY and PALIT


Here’s Galax confirming the GA106-300 GPU:

RTX 3060 specs Galax


And here’s Gainward confirming the 8nm process technology:

RTX 3060 specs Gainward

Apparently Nvidia also changed the official CUDA Core count from 3840 to 3584 just 2 weeks before launch. But what’s most confusing is the official RTX 3060 teaser that was released alongside it’s reveal:


The teaser in question seemingly showcases a reference design graphics card, yet so far its looking to only be an AIB exclusive. Although Nvidia could sell reference designs as their Founders Edition of cards later down the line.

Finally, the GPU featured in the video right at start actually shows the GA102 GPU (which is used by the ¬¬gc_id:5003[RTX 3080]¬¬ and ¬¬gc_id:5005[RTX 3090]¬¬), and not the GA106 GPU that has already been confirmed. The number of memory modules shown also do not correspond to the correct number that the RTX 3060 should have, so it is definitely not the right graphics card shown.

Either way, the official specs are a little confusing right now, and we may not actually get the final specs until sometime before the official launch in late February, which is when the 3060 is supposed to launch even though no specific release date has been set yet.

What do you think? Are you excited for the RTX 3060? Will you try and get one yourself? What do you think is going on here? Let us know!