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AMD R-200 Series

Radeon R7 240 Sapphire 4GB Edition

The Radeon R7 240 Sapphire 4GB Edition is clocked at 730 MHz.

It has an SPU performance of 212.


AMD Radeon R7 240 Sapphire 4GB Edition

help iconCore Speed730 MHzhelp iconTransistor Size28nm
help iconArchitectureGCN 1.1 Oland PROhelp iconTexture Mapping Units20
help iconSLI/Crossfire Supportnohelp iconTexture Rate14.6 GTexel/s
help iconIntegratednohelp iconRender Output Units8
help iconRelease Date08 Oct 2013help iconPixel Rate5.8 GPixel/s
help iconRequired Power35Whelp iconDirectX12.0
help iconMemory1024MBhelp iconShader Model5.0
help iconMemory Speed900MHzhelp iconOpen GL Version4.4
help iconMemory Bus128 Bithelp iconMax Resolution4096x2160
help iconMemory TypeDDR3help iconHDMI Connections1
help iconSPUs320help iconDVI Connections1
help iconSPU Performance212help iconVGA Connections1

Radeon R7 240 Sapphire 4GB Edition compatibility review

Overall, the AMD Radeon R7 240 Sapphire 4GB Edition has average performance. This should be expected only from older dedicated graphics cards, so this graphics card should definitely be avoided if building a system to power modern applications and games. This graphics card is now over 7 years old, which means it is extremely out of date and is based on very aged technologies. The level of driver support currently available is excellent, so manufacturer updates will undoubtedly accommodate new games with specific optimizations and allow for a long lifespan as part of a new gaming PC build.

At this performance level you would be better off getting a CPU with an integrated GPU, because a dedicated graphics card like the AMD Radeon R7 240 Sapphire 4GB Edition would not be worth the extra investment, and an integrated solution would be much cheaper, produce less heat, and require less power. We would recommend an Intel Iris GPU on one of the latest Intel Haswell processors, such as the Iris Pro Graphics 5200 Desktop, or one of AMD's latest APU Family graphics solutions such as the Radeon HD 8670D.

With an effective SPU count of 212, the AMD Radeon R7 240 Sapphire 4GB Edition processes shading and special graphical effects a mediocre rate. The GPU is not too power-hungry at 35 Watts, however.

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  • Crysis 2
    Grand Theft Auto V
    Call of Duty 7
    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
    Saints Row 4
    The Elder Scrolls V
  • Hitman Absolution
    Grid Racedriver 2
    Battlefield Bad Company 2
    The Elder Scrolls V
    Prototype 2
    Prototype 2
  • Max Payne 3
    The Elder Scrolls V
    Dragon Age: Origins
    Saints Row 3
    Max Payne 3
    Hitman Absolution
  • Team Fortress 2
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Radeon R7 240 Sapphire 4GB Edition Predicted Frames per second

Game name Frames per second
Battlefield 3 38
Medium FPS

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