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Intel Pentium G

Pentium G2030 3.0GHz

The Intel Pentium G2030 3.0GHz has 2 cores that run at a clock speed of 3GHz.

It has an L3 cache size of 3MB, an L2 cache size of 512KB, and an L1 cache size of 256KB.


Intel Pentium G2030 3.0GHz

Cores2More cores means more threads and therefore more processes can be run simultaneously
Speed3GHzClock frequency indicates processor speed, but is only reliable in comparisons between CPUs of the same family
CodenameIvy BridgeThe code name given by the manufacturers
Release Date02 Sep 2012 The more recent the release, the more likely the CPU will receive up-to-date manufacturer support
TDP55WThe lower the TDP, the less power the CPU requires to run and thus the more efficient it is and the less heat it creates
L1 Cache256KBThe bigger the L1 cache, the more data can be stored for lightning CPU access to priority processes (though a bigger cache means a higher latency
L2 Cache512KBAfter L1 cache, L2 is utilized for slower (but still very fast) data access
L3 Cache3MBThe L3 cache is the largest CPU cache, but still provides very quick access to data
Lithography22nmThe smaller the lithographic technology used, the less power is required to run the CPU, and the less heat is created during intense use
CPU SocketLGA 1155/Socket H2The motherboard socket and CPU socket should match to indicate the CPU is compatible with the motherboard and will fit into it
Integrated GPUIntel HD Graphics Desktop (Ivy Bridge)The integrated GPU in tandem with a compatible motherboard can provide basic graphical utility without the need of a graphics card
Unlocked MultipliernoAn unlocked clock multiplier means you can adjust the multiplier for an overclocking speed boost

Pentium G2030 3.0GHz compatibility review

Overall, the Intel Pentium G2030 3.0GHz has very good performance. Its 2 cores clocked at 3 GHz provide swift processing speeds but allow few processes to be run simultaneously.

The CPU is now over 8 years old, which means it is extremely out of date and is based on very aged technologies. This processor will be dwarfed in performance by its modern counterparts, and will likely have very little support from Intel.

Created with lithographic technology sized at 22 nanometers, the Pentium G2030 3.0GHz is built for extreme speeds and efficiency, and with a Thermal Design Power of 55W it also requires very little power to run.

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  • Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
    Portal 2
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
    Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
    Devil May Cry 5
  • Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
    Shift 2: Unleashed
    Ultra Street Fighter IV
    Crysis 2
    Tom Clancy Hawx 2
    Deus Ex 3
  • Need for Speed: Shift
    Crysis 2
    The Saboteur
    Dirt 3
    The Witcher II
  • Dirt 2
    Crysis Warhead
    Dead Space II
    Shift 2: Unleashed
    Mafia 2
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
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Pentium G2030 3.0GHz Predicted Frames per second

Game name Frames per second
Grand Theft Auto V 37
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 157
Battlefield 3 36
Fallout 4 35
The Elder Scrolls V 31
Far Cry 3 48
Watch Dogs 24
Assassins Creed: Unity 24
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 45
Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 31
Far Cry 4 40
Call of Duty: Ghosts 29
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 75
Left 4 Dead 2 75
The Witcher II 29
Assassins Creed 2 53
Medium FPS

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