OCZ Technology

Agility 4 256GB

The OCZ Technology Agility 4 256GB is a 2.5" 256GB Solid-State Drive.

It uses the SATA 6Gb/s interface.


OCZ Technology Agility 4 256GB

Drive TypeSolid-State DriveThis defines whether the drive is a large-capacity slower hard disk drive, a smaller-capacity but much faster solid-state drive, or a hybrid
Physical Size2.5"The size of the drive dictates which drive bays it will fit into - generally a small drive will fit into any bigger drive bay with an adapter
Capacity256GBThe drive storage capacity is the limit to the size of files that can be stored
Release Date01 Jun 2012 The later the release, the more likely manufacturer support will still be around
Power Required3WHDDs should generally require very little power to run, and SSDs even less
Read Speed420MB/sThe read speed is how fast the drive can read from data stored on it
Write Speed410MB/sThe write speed is how fast the drive can store data
IOPS85000The IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) is a common benchmark used to measure drive performance
Drive InterfaceSATA 6Gb/sThe interface is the type of motherboard connection and defines the bandwidth limit of the drive

Agility 4 256GB compatibility review

The OCZ Technology Agility 4 256GB is a solid-state drive, which means it stores data using flash memory similar to how USBs store data, but much more effectively. Solid-state drives perform much more effectively than hard disk drives, with faster read/write speeds, lower latencies, and even higher physical shock resistance, but come at a price premium. An SSD will cost much more than an HDD with an equivalent storage capacity - although SSDs are becoming cheaper and more viable over time. A common choice is to use a small SSD for an OS installation such as Windows for fast boot times and OS performance, and to use an HDD for applications and files. This avoids the negative point that over-use of data-writing can eventually lead to SSD degradation (although modern SSDs are said to take years before degradation), because Windows does not write much data, but its data is read often.

The OCZ Technology Agility 4 256GB is a high-performance SSD and superior to any HDD.

Its read speed of 420MB/s is quite fast, and should provide application and game loading speeds that are noticeably better than a traditional HDD. Its write speed of 410MB/s is quite fast, which should allow you to store data relatively quickly.

With a capacity of 256GB, the OCZ Technology Agility 4 256GB has a large amount of storage space for an SSDHowever big the drive, an SSD should always have enough unused memory to be able to rotate space and minimize the reuse of the same areas of the drive. Because each block of space has a limited lifespan, by spreading out the reuse of space it prolongs the lifespan of the SSD as a whole.

Using the SATA 3.0 6Gb/s interface this SSD will not be limited by its motherboard connection.

A form factor size of 2.5" is standard for laptop drives and solid-state drives, and this will fit into any 2.5" drive bay. These drive bays are not yet ubiquitous, but it will also fit into a standard 3.5" or 5.25" drive bay with the appropriate adapter.

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