32 GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-19200 2400MHz TridentX série CL10 (10-12-12-31) Quad Channel kit

This G.Skill RAM has 32GB DDR3 memory clocked at a speed of 2400MHz.

It is made up of 4 sticks and has a voltage of 1.65V.

Its timings are 10-12-12-31.


32 GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-19200 2400MHz TridentX série CL10 (10-12-12-31) Quad Channel kit

Total Memory32GBThe amount of memory is the RAM's primary feature and defines how much data it can store for temporary fast access
Total Speed2400MHzSpeed defines how many data transfers can be made per second.
Stick Count4The number of sticks define the number of slots in the motherboard necessary to house the RAM
RAM TypeDDR3The RAM type defines compatibility with motherboards, as well as the limits to performance
Voltage1.65VModern Intel systems require 1.5V or lower, AMD require 1.95V or lower. Can be changed in the BIOS
Timings10-12-12-31Timings show latency, row address to column address delay, row precharge time, and row active time

32 GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-19200 2400MHz TridentX série CL10 (10-12-12-31) Quad Channel kit compatibility review

Rather than storing data permanently like in large capacity hard drives, RAM provides a temporary cache that your system uses to store the data that you are currently using. This makes accessing the most relevant data much faster, because accessing RAM requires much less time than your hard drive. In fact, most systems are configured to use the hard drive as a substitute for RAM when the RAM is being overloaded with data. This can bring your PC to a crawl, however, and is why having enough RAM is crucial.

DDR3 RAM has been the predominant RAM technology for a good few years now, and its cheapness and high performance are the reason. However, with DDR4 nearly here, and well set to become the motherboard standard, the remaining lifespan of DDR3 RAM is ever shortening.

With a total memory of 32GB, the 32 GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-19200 2400MHz TridentX série CL10 (10-12-12-31) Quad Channel kit has the capacity to help run a huge array of applications or a very effective server. It goes above and beyond any gaming or general PC usage requirements, and can push the performance of applications like Photoshop - that can utilize a huge amount of designated memory - to the extreme. This G.Skill DDR3 RAM has a speed of 2400MHz. RAM speed is not a crucial feature, but it does contribute significantly to PC games and certain applications like video-editing software. 2400MHz is among the fastest speeds available on the market, so this RAM will exhibit superb performance helping to run either of these.

The RAM timings reflect different performance benchmarks. The first number, the CL, or CAS (Column Address Strobe) latency, is the time it takes to send a column address and get a response. This G.Skill DDR3 RAM has a CL of 10. Generally speaking, the lower the latency the better, but there are other contributing factors such as clock speed.

The second number, the tRCD, or Row Address to Column Address Delay, is the required clock cycles necessary after a row of memory is opened before columns within it can be accessed. The tRCD of this G.Skill DDR3 RAM is 12.

The third number, the tRP, or Row Precharge Time, is the clock cycles necessary after the precharge command is executed before the next row can be opened. The tRP of this RAM is 12.

The last number, the tRAS, or Row Active Time, is the clock cycles necessary after a bank active command before the ensuing precharge command is executed. The tRAS of this RAM is 31.

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