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Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W

The Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W has a maximum capacity of 500 Watts.

It has an 80 Plus rating of Platinum, is built to be modular,, is built to be silent, and its dimensions (LxWxH) are 17cm x 15cm x 8.6cm.


Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W

help iconCapacity500Whelp icon+12V Count1
help iconRelease Date31 Dec 2011help iconLength17cm
help iconForm FactorATX12V & EPS12Vhelp iconWidth15cm
help icon80 Plus RatingPlatinumhelp iconHeight8.6cm
help iconEfficiency at 100%90.77%help iconModularyes
help iconEfficiency at 50%92.83%help iconSilentyes
help iconEfficiency at 20%91.47%help icon24 Pin Mobo Connectoryes
help iconInput Voltage115V - 240Vhelp icon4+4 Pin CPU Connectoryes
help iconInput Frequency Range50Hz - 60Hzhelp icon8 Pin Connectors4
help icon+3.3V Output20Ahelp icon6 Pin Connectors4
help icon+5V Output20Ahelp icon4 Pin Connectors5
help icon+12V Output42Ahelp iconSATA Connector6

Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W compatibility review

The Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W power supply has a maximum wattage output of 500W. This is a mid-range capacity, and should be fine as long as it is part of an equally mid-range system build. Always make sure that a purchased PSU is capable of powering your system. Remember that a higher PSU capacity does not necessarily equate to a higher wattage output and a more expensive electricity bill. In fact, you may find that a higher capacity PSU will function more efficiently than a lower capacity PSU because it is dealing with a lower percentage of its maximum load - that is, it is not being stressed to the same extent.

The Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W has an 80 Plus rating of Platinum. This means the PSU operates at average efficiency levels of at least 89%, 92%, and 90% for loads of 100%, 50%, and 20% respectively. Platinum is the best 80 Plus certificate available, and as such the Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W is exceptionally efficient and comes very highly recommended. The actual efficiencies for this PSU are 90.77%, 92.83%, and 91.47%, for loads of 100%, 50%, and 20%.

The dimensions of the Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W (LxWxH) are 17cm x 15cm x 8.6cm. Make sure to compare these measurements against the case you desire if planning on using it in a build.

The Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W is modular, meaning that cables can be taken out and connected back in as necessary. This can make cable management much easier, leading to a less chaotic build, and better airflow.

The Rosewill CSilentNight-500 W is designed for low volumes, meaning that its constant drone while your PC is on would be less noticeable - ideal for those that prefer silent environments.

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