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Intel's first discrete DG1 GPU officially launches for OEMs, will not work with AMD CPUs
By Stuart Thomas on January 27th, 2021 at 02:30pm - original article from game-debate

Intel has recently got back into the graphics card market, trying to compete against the likes of Nvidia and AMD. Their first discrete GPU, the Intel DG1, has now officially been released, but only through OEMs and pre-built systems. Additionally, the new GPU will not work with AMD processors.

The DG1 graphics card is not exactly intended for serious gamers at the moment, hence why it is only available through OEMs right now. It’s mostly intended for low power and low cost machines, like home entertainment systems, business consumers, or multimedia computers.

Intel DG1 GPU Colorful

The DG2 on the other hand should be the real competitor at 512 Execution Units, and is rumored to offer performance equal to an ¬¬gc_id:5013[RTX 3070]¬¬ which is pretty impressive for the Blue Team right out of the gate. That one’s not expected for a while, though the launch of the DG1 is still significant in that it’s the first steps to a better market for graphics card enthusiasts.

The DG1 is based on the Xe-LP architecture of the Iris Xe graphics family. It is also equipped with 80 Execution Units (a touch down from the 96 EUs featured in the Intel Tiger Lake laptop CPUs, the Irsis Xe MAX) as well as 4GB of VRAM. The GPU clock speeds were not released unfortunately, but hopefully more specs will be revealed soon.

  Iris Xe MAX Iris Xe
Node size 10nm SuperFin
Execution Units 96 80
Clock Speed 1650MHz -
Memory 4GB LPDDR4X
Bus width 128-bit
Bandwidth 68GB/s
PCI-Express PCIe 4.0 x4 PCIe 4.0 x16
TDP 25W 30W

Additionally, according to an Intel Spokesman in a recent interview, the Iris Xe discrete desktop graphics cards require a special BIOS update for specific motherboards. Therefore they will be shipped in pre-built systems with 9th Gen Coffee Lake-S and 10th Gen Come Lake-S processors, as well as B460, H410, B365, and H310C motherboards. As such, they will be incompatible with AMD CPUs.

"The Iris Xe discrete add-in card will be paired with 9th gen (Coffee Lake-S) and 10th gen (Comet Lake-S) Intel Core desktop processors and Intel(R) B460, H410, B365, and H310C chipset-based motherboards and sold as part of pre-built systems. These motherboards require a special BIOS that supports Intel Iris Xe, so the cards won’t be compatible with other systems."


With both Nvidia and AMD experiencing massive issues with supply, a third competitor will surely help alleviate some of that pressure. On the other hand though, Intel is outsourcing the manufacturing of their DG2 GPUs to an external foundry, which could also be affected by the constraints in components needed.

What do you think? Are you excited for Intel’s new line of graphics cards? What do you think of the DG1? What about the DG2? And would you consider switching over to the Blue Team for their first discrete Desktop GPU in over 2 decades? Let us know!