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Nvidia could end up making their very own CPUs in the future, says Jensen Huang
By Neil Soutter on September 15th, 2020 at 05:30pm - original article from game-debate

It looks like the recent $40 billion acquisition of ARM Holdings has sparked some inspiration inside Nvidia, as the CEO of the Green Team Jensen Huang officially revealed that the company could indeed make their own branded CPUs in the future.

During a conference call yesterday, Huang was asked by an interviewer whether they were thinking of implementing something like ARM’s Neoverse and making an official Nvidia processor for data centers, as well as making a reference chip for those want it and even help them run it, to which Huang responded with: “all three options are possible.

So now with our backing and Arm’s serious backing, the world can stand on that foundation and realize that they can build server CPUs. Now, some people would like to license the cores and build a CPU themselves. Some people may decide to license the cores and ask us to build those CPUs or modify ours.

Now whilst that may sound kind of exciting, don’t expect an Nvidia-branded CPU anytime soon, as it will take a lot of work to start and then manufacture.

It is not possible for one company to build every single version of them," he continued, "but we will have the entire network of partners around Arm that can take the architectures we come up with and depending on what's best for them, whether licensing the core, having a semi-custom chip made, or having a chip that we made, any of those options are available.

Previous rumors stated that Nvidia wouldn’t be making their own CPUs, and would instead be using ARM to further their own investment into AI technologies and data centers whilst leveraging on the power of their own GPUs. But Huang seems to be very optimistic about the possibilities of the future: “we're open for business and we would like the ecosystem to be as rich as possible, with as many options as possible.

Of course, if Nvidia does end up making their own processors, it's likely they won’t be making any consumer ones first. But if and when they do, Nvidia’s introduction into the CPU industry could help add some more competition to a market that has been dominated by Intel and AMD for such a long time.

What do you think? How do you feel about Nvidia’s acquisition? Would you be interested in an official Nvidia CPU? Let us know your thoughts!