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TSMC and Foxconn reportedly in talks to bid for ARM as well
By Neil Soutter on August 10th, 2020 at 01:00pm - original article from game-debate

The bid race to acquire SoftBanks ARM is starting to get quite heated, and rightly so as the regulatory issues associated with a single company like Nvidia purchasing them are a major talking point. After word that Samsung was looking to get in on the deal by acquiring some stakes in ARM and creating a consortium of companies, it looks like SoftBank have now approached both TSMC and Foxconn as potential buyers.

According to a new report, SoftBank contacted other tech companies as well as Nvidia and Apple about possibly buying ARM, and even supplied them with extensive financial data that included details of income as well as future projections in order to show the true worth of the investment.

Apparently, the other companies that were approached included TSMC and Foxconn, who seem to be taking things a bit slow at the moment, but are reportedly more in favor of Samsung’s idea to create a consortium of ownership.

However, TSMC, a long-running partner with ARM, has already stated that they have no plans to invest in Arm currently.

Whilst Nvidia may already be in advanced talks about the acquisition, it seems that SoftBank realised the potential scrutiny of regulation criticisms if the Green team were in fact to purchase Arm.

What do you think? Who else could join the consortium of ARM stakeholders? Which deal would most likely go through? And what could this mean for the industry? Let us know your thoughts!