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Nvidia reportedly in advanced talks with SoftBank to acquire ARM
By Chad Norton on July 31st, 2020 at 04:00pm - original article from game-debate

Earlier this week, we reported that Nvidia is apparently interested in acquiring ARM, the company behind most of the world’s chips in many devices. According to a more recent report however, it looks like this deal is starting to go ahead, as Nvidia is in “advanced” talks with SoftBank to acquire ARM.

Nvidia is also apparently looking to reach a final deal in the “next few weeks,” meaning we could see one of the biggest deals in the industry finalizing very soon. SoftBank themselves have wracked up a rather sizable debt, and are looking to offload some of their assets in order to pay it back.

SoftBank themselves paid around $32 billion for ARM’s acquisition back in 2016, and would most likely want to see a profit from their investment. If that is the case and Nvidia is happy with it, it could become one of, if not the biggest deal in semiconductor history.

Of course a deal like this would spark much scrutiny toward regulatory policies, and would no doubt bring about some sort of resistance from opposing companies who already use ARM’s technology to power their devices.

Still, it remains to be seen if the deal actually does indeed go down, and it’s certainly surprising to hear that these talks have progressed after the overwhelming negative criticism since it’s first report.

What do you think? Will this deal actually happen? What could this mean for the industry? And what could we do to prevent such problems? Let us know!