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RTX 3080 Ti ASUS model first look image leaked, RTX 3090 rumors may not be true
By Chad Norton on July 2nd, 2020 at 01:40pm - original article from game-debate

A photo has just been leaked online which could possibly be the design for the upcoming next-gen GPU ¬¬gc_id:5004[RTX 3080 Ti]¬¬ by ASUS. It’s suspected that the photo is from an internal meeting at ASUS to discuss the potential designs for Nvidia’s next-gen cards. It shows a Black and Silver color scheme as well as 3 axial-tech based fans and a very large heatsink underneath. The title of the slide translates to “next-generation ROG STRIX”.

Most interestingly though, the tag at the bottom left of the card seems to read “3080 Ti”, which suggests that this would be the flagship model of the RTX 30 series. That may not come as a surprise to most, but it could certainly debunk the rumors of an RTX 3090 card replacing the Titan RTX. But whether or not the ¬¬gc_id:5005[RTX 3090]¬¬ really exists, have a look at the leaked photo for the RTX 3080 Ti below:

RTX 3080 Ti ASUS design leaked slide

RTX 3080 Ti ASUS design leak

There is no specified launch date or price just yet, but considering how fast these leaks and updates are coming out, Nvidia is bound to officially reveal the entire lineup soon I’m sure. We already know that the ¬¬gc_id:5003[RTX 3080]¬¬ is confirmed and what the founder’s edition looks like thanks to those leaked pictures and Nvidia launching an official investigation into the leaks.

For now this is still a rumor though, so take this all with a helping portion of salt, and to be honest the more I look at the photo the more I think it's photoshopped, I mean just look at the choppy image of the presenter in the corner. The design itself looks legitimate, but I'm not buying the first slide. Then again, the image was apparently much lower resolution, so who knows really.

But either way, fingers crossed that more image leaks come out or an official announcement is made soon at least!

What do you think? Could this be the official RTX 3080 Ti design by ASUS? Does this mean there is no RTX 3090? And what do you think of the design if it is real? Let us know your thoughts on it!