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PS5 price could be $400-$600 leaks suggest, former Xbox exec says no way more than $499
By Stuart Thomas on June 19th, 2020 at 05:00pm - original article from game-debate

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the next-gen consoles online at the moment, more specifically about the price tags we’re all pretty much anxiously waiting for. Consoles are expensive, and if previous experience is anything to go by, if they’re a little too expensive then that can cause a flurry of complaints.

Generally, console companies will sell at a loss at the moment, trying to make up for the costs later down the road with online subscription services and cuts from first and third-party games sold on their platform. But after the recent PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming livestream, many have been speculating on the PlayStation 5’s launch price as we get a little bit closer to the proposed release period of Holiday 2020.

And according to one user on Twitter, Ben Geskin, the PlayStation 5’s release date and even the price were apparently leaked on Amazon France. The screenshot they took depicted the PS5’s launch price to be 499€ for the normal edition, and 399€ for the digital-only edition, with a launch date on November 20th.

PlayStation 5 price Amazon France listing $500

Whilst the information could be plausible, it’s also quite likely to be fake. But for the sake of an argument let’s break it down. We can imagine the price in Euros will pretty much be the same in US dollars, so $499 and $399 for both console versions, a big $100 price drop for the discless version is pretty steep and quite unlikely, but not impossible.

Sony wants to have their customers in the PlayStation ecosystem, and so having more users purchase the digital only edition means they can gain more profit from digital-only games. So where we might think that a disc drive would cost at most around $50 extra, $100 is pretty enticing for a lot of customers.

The release date is also plausible though, as just a week before Black Friday starts means there will be lots of people looking to buy it in time for christmas, and the opportunities for Black Friday deals are quite large.

But, on a side note, former Xbox executive Albert Penello said that there is “no way” the PlayStation 5 will cost over $499, when replying to another rumor that priced the PS5 at $600. “I believe in the saying "never say never”. But I gotta say never. No way this console is over $499,” he said.

So what do you think? Is the Amazon France listing accurate? How much do you think the PlayStation 5 will cost? Let us know!