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PlayStation 5 console officially revealed, discless version available and all details so far
By Chad Norton on June 12th, 2020 at 05:30pm - original article from game-debate

Yesterday’s momentous occasion was the official PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming livestream, and there were a lot of games on show including the highly-anticipated Resident Evil 8 Village, a Demons Souls remaster, a Hitman 3 reveal, and some gameplay of Arkane's upcoming groundhog day-style FPS Deathloop and many more. Whilst they certainly looked great in terms of graphics, only some of the titles were confirmed to be coming out on PC, others haven’t officially revealed themselves yet. But the livestream ended with the official reveal of the PlayStation 5 console in all it’s glory. So what’s included? What are the specs? And is it worth buying over a new graphics card? Let’s take a look…

So obviously, let’s start with the basics. The PS5’s design was revealed and it’s looking much sleeker than Microsoft’s counterpart the Xbox Series X. Whilst both consoles are going to be some powerhouses of tech, it’s clear that the PlayStation 5 had a bit more effort put into the design to say the least. Whether you like it or not, we want to hear what your thoughts are on it! And check it out below:

PlayStation 5 next-gen console official design reveal


First of all, yes there are two separate PlayStation consoles, but both are exactly the same in terms of hardware specs just with one key difference: only one of the consoles will include an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, whilst the other will be an entirely discless digital-only console. There is no confirmation from Sony if the digital edition will be cheaper, but we imagine there will be at least a slight discount.

Since the PlayStation 5 controller was officially revealed a while back, it’s been fun contemplating and speculating on the actual console’s design, and of course the memes have begun already. Whilst it’s not exactly how I thought it would look, it is a pretty striking design, even if it does look a lot like Dracula in a white coat.

PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

PlayStation 5 DualSense controller charging station


Next up, we have the controller, which we’ve already seen and heard a lot about but let me recap for you: aside from the slightly rounder design, the new PS5 controller features a much larger touchpad that was present in the PlayStation 4 controller, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, USB-C charging, concave analog sticks, and a new create button that has replaced the previous share button.

Those adaptive triggers are definitely the most interesting design choice, which can apparently simulate tension like drawing the string of a bow. Overall the new controller is aimed at increasing and enhancing immersion while gaming.

PlayStation 5 next-gen console accesory family

Other accessories for the PS5 include a DualSense charging station for 2 controllers at a time, an HD camera, a media remote, and a Pulse 3D wireless headset. It isn’t clear if these accessories will be automatically bundled with the consoles, or only sold separately, but our money is that you can buy the console on it’s own with the accessories available separately, and then there will also probably be a bundle for all the items at a slightly discounted price.

It’s also unclear whether the HD camera will play a pivotal piece of tech like the Kinect did on the Xbox consoles, but it’s most likely just a beefed up webcam for video chats and applications that utilize it for immersion.


PlayStation 5 specs

Now let’s get onto the juicy details, the actual hardware specs of the PlayStation 5. A lot of these were revealed earlier during a “The road to PS5” hardware conference where the lead system architect of the PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, discussed a lot of these details. For more information on that you can check out our previous article we did on the PS5 specs here.

But, for a quick breakdown, the PlayStation 5 will be using; AMD’s Zen2-based CPU with 8 cores and 3.5GHz base clock speed, a custom AMD GPU based on the next-gen RDNA 2 architecture, and 16GB of GDDR6 memory with a total of 10.3 Teraflops processing power.

In addition, the PlayStation 5 will be supporting the latest ray tracing technology, a super fast 825GB 5.5GB/s SSD which Sony claims will bring ultra fast boot speeds and ensure practically no loading time/screens, an Ultra-HD 4K blu-ray players (if you choose that model, see above), and backwards compatibility for a large selection of the PS4 catalogue including most of the top 100 PlayStation 4 games. There’s also some fancy tech being introduced called Virtual Surround Sound for players who mostly play with a TV’s audio instead of a headset, more info on that can be found in our in-depth PS5 details article.

PlayStation 5 price

One thing that we still have no idea about is the price of the the new consoles. Current rumors suggest that it will be around the $499 mark, but considering that Sony have been a bit hush surrounding the price as well as Microsoft, my guess is that price can be anywhere between $499-$599, and that’s not including the possible discount from the PlayStation 5 digital edition.

To put that into perspective, the PlayStation 4 launched at $399 retail price at launch in 2013, with the PlayStation 4 Pro releasing at the same price 3 years later in 2016. We also sometimes forget that the PlayStation 3 was initially priced at $499 for the 20GB version and $599 for the 60GB version.

Considering the significant jump in tech used, I’m not sure a solid increase of $100 over the PS4 is plausible. Then again, consoles are now also made to sell at a loss in order to make the money back down the line from PlayStation Plus subscriptions and cuts from game sales. So it's a tricky thing to guess at the moment, but what do you think the PlayStation 5's price will be?



So that’s it that we know of so far about the PlayStation 5 for now. More details including a specific release date and exact pricing will be announced shortly, and as we get closer to the deadline of release, that announcement has to be sometime soon I imagine if they want to get the necessary pre-order numbers. And in time for families to start saving up before christmas comes round the corner.

So what do you guys think? Are you impressed by the PlayStation 5? Do you like the design? What about the games on offer? And will you be purchasing your own PS5? If so, which one would you go for? Let us know!