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Sega unveils Game Gear Micro for their 60th anniversary, a console that fits in your palm
By Chad Norton on June 5th, 2020 at 06:00pm - original article from game-debate

Remember when handheld consoles were massive? And I’m not talking about the PSP or the recent Nintendo Switch, but those old-school classics like the Gameboy and all those other rip offs that came after it. Anyway they were huge a while ago, and even though some of them only had the capacity to display two different colors, they were fun and most importantly, they were a novelty.

Now Sega is celebrating their 60th anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion they are releasing the Game Gear Micro; a handheld gaming device that literally fits in the palm of your hand. Based on the original Game gear from back in the 90s, these things are so tiny that I’m sure prisoners will be able to smuggle them inside their cells with ease. Measuring only 80 x 43 x 20 millimeters, they are 60% smaller than the original. Watch the very typical Japanese advert for them below:

If you somehow managed to follow that, there will be four Micro Game Gears available in different colours; Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Each colour comes equipped with 4 different games, which unfortunately can’t be swapped out, but each colour only costs 4,980 Yen, which is roughly $50. They’re exclusive to Japan when they launch on October 6th, but I’m sure they’ll make their way over to the rest of the world at some point after that.

Thanks to the size, each Micro will last about 3 to 4 hours on just 2 AAA batteries, compared to the measly hour of battery life with 6 AA batteries on the original Game Gear. Fortunately, if you think the 1.15 inch screen is too small, then Sega is also offering a ‘Big Window’ adapter for free to anyone who purchases all 4 Game Gear Micros in one bundle.

Sega Game Gear Micro Big Window adapter

Now the real question is: when will Bethesda see the opportunity to release a Skyrim Micro Edition?

What do you think? Would you be interested in the Game Gear Micro? Which color are you most interested in? And would you like to see more handheld consoles in the future? Or are the smartphones in our pockets enough? Let us know!