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AMD Zen 3 to utilize 5nm process node ahead of schedule, rumors suggest
By Chad Norton on May 29th, 2020 at 06:45pm - original article from game-debate

AMD’s lineup for their processors over the next year has been pretty interesting, leaping ahead of Intel in the 10nm and even 7nm process nodes for the Zen 2 and Zen 3 architectures respectively. However, according to some recent rumors, it looks as if AMD’s next generation of CPUs, the Ryzen 4000 series based on the Zen 3 architecture, will actually utilize TSMC’s 5nm N5P manufacture process, rather than the 7nm EUV that was planned before.

Allegedly this is because TSMC has actually planned to mass produce the 5nm process ahead of schedule, beginning in Q4 of this year. Because of this, AMD and TSMC have revised their plans for the next generation of processors based on the Zen 3 architecture.

There’s no mention of how this would affect AMD’s plan of Zen 3 processors expected to be announced in Q3 of this year, but considering mass production for the 5nm is supposedly happening in Q4, we probably won't see any availability until 2021, with some claiming CES 2021 a potential candidate for AMD’s reveal.

Release Period Intel AMD
2017 Coffee Lake (14nm++) Zen (14nm/12nm)
2018 Coffee Lake Refresh (14nm++)  
2019 Ice Lake (10nm+) Zen 2 (7nm)
2020 Comet Lake (14nm++)
Tiger Lake (10nm++)
2021* Rocket Lake (14nm+++)
Alder Lake (10nm)
Zen 3 (5nm**)
2022 Meteor Lake (7nm) Zen 4 (5nm)

*(This is the rumored release period for Zen 3, but the announcement will hopefully be later this year in 2020)

**(Confirmed to be 7nm before, rumored as 5nm instead now)


Previously, AMD’s Zen 4 processors were planned to first be introduced with the 5nm process node some time in 2021, but obviously considering the pressure on Intel right now, it would be no surprise for AMD to jump onto the next big advancement sooner. Some are even claiming for this advancement to be the biggest change in the PC industry for many years.

This would certainly explain AMD's Matisse Refreshed CPU lineup of processors, in order to tide customers over for the next half year until the Zen 3 processors are officially announced and released.

Obviously these are just rumors, but we’ve seen a lot of them surrounding AMD recently coming true, so who knows what will happen. But do you think the 5nm process will be a huge breakthrough for the PC industry? Or just another small step in the right direction? And how much longer until we hear more about Zen 3? Let us know!