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AMD 400-series motherboards confirmed by MSI to support Zen 3 processors
By Chad Norton on May 28th, 2020 at 05:36pm - original article from game-debate

Hey, look at that, no information about AMD’s Matisse refresh lineup today! I swear that’s the last time I’ll mention it until some more substantial and interesting information comes out about it. Anyway let’s look at some good, solid news today as MSI has just confirmed their AMD 400-series motherboards will indeed support the future processors of the AM4 socket which includes the Zen 3 CPUs we’re so eager to hear more about.

A few weeks ago, AMD announced that their next series of Ryzen 4000 processors will only be compatible with the 500-series motherboards that were announced last month and shipping in just a couple weeks. They then decided to “change course” after the feedback received and announced support for 400-series motherboards with their Zen 3 CPUs.

The announcement from MSI came from a recent weekly insider livestream discussing the new 500-series motherboards, or more specifically, the B550 motherboard. In it, they detailed all the AMD Socket AM4 Motherboard chipset solutions for various generations of motherboards and AMD processors, which showed the X470 and B450 boards compatible with AMD Ryzen desktop processors using the Zen 3 architecture thanks to a “selective Beta BIOS update.”

That BIOS update will null any support for previous gen CPUs in order to make room for the new architecture, so you better make sure you’re definitely using one of AMD’s Zen 3 processors before initiating that update or you might find yourself in a no-boot situation.

However, owners of the MAX motherboards from MSI with a 32MB BIOS will be able to initiate the new update for Zen 3 processors without losing most, if any at all, compatibility with older generations of CPUs and still keep all their features in the UEFI firmware settings.

Hopefully we’ll hear more soon from other manufacturers about their confirmation of Zen 3 support via a BIOS update. But for now, we at least know MSI is fully capable of the generational transition.

What do you think? Are you excited for Zen 3? Are you rocking one of the AMD 400-series motherboards and will you be downloading the update? Who else do you think is going to confirm the support next? Let us know!