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Nintendo Switch outsells PS4's lifetime sales in Japan in well under half the time
By Jon Sutton on May 18th, 2019 at 11:59am - original article from game-debate

As we all know, the Nintendo Switch has been selling very well in the two years since its launch. Nintendo is very much back in the driving seat. What is surprising though, is Nintendo’s absolute dominance on its home turf.

The humble Switch has now outsold the PlayStation 4’s lifetime sales in Japan. This is a feat which has taken precisely two years and two months, versus a PS4 that launched more than five years ago on February 22, 2014, in Japan.

When we take into consideration the PS4 is comfortably the bestselling console of this generation (91.6 million units sold at last count), this no mean feat for Nintendo and the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has now sold 47,881 units more than the PS4 and PS4 Pro combined, making it the most popular console in Japan today. Lifetime sales for the Switch in Japan stand at 8.12 million, achieved in 114 weeks. *busts out calculator* That means an average of just over 71,000 Switch consoles sold in Japan every week. The PS4, meanwhile, has achieved 8.07 million sales in 272 weeks, equivalent to around 30K per week.

Clearly, the Nintendo Switch’s dual functionality is a massive part of this. The Japanese gaming market has long had an affinity for handhelds, and the decision to bridge the gap between its handheld and home consoles certainly looks as if it’s working out for the big N. With proper new Pokemon games, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Maker, and Fire Emblem all right around the corner, we don’t expect these sales to slow up either. Throw in the rumoured cheaper Switch revision and Nintendo could have a blockbuster on its hands.