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AMD Radeon RX 600 series spotted in latest driver update, Polaris rebrand inbound
By Stuart Thomas on May 14th, 2019 at 02:11pm - original article from game-debate

A Radeon RX 600 series of AMD graphics cards have popped up in the latest Radeon drivers, indicating an unexpected line-up of budget graphics chips. If you’re getting your hopes up that this may be the first indicator of 7nm Navi’s arrival then you’d probably best reset your expectations.

The pair of Radeon RX 600 series graphics cards mentioned in the driver listing are low-end parts based on the Polaris GPU architecture, suggesting a refresh could be on the cards.

AMD’s latest Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.4.3 graphics card driver, now a month old, lists both the Radeon RX 640 and Radeon RX 630. Both GPU models share the same ID as Radeon RX 500-series graphics cards, pointing towards a fairly simple refresh.

AMD Radeon RX 600 Series GPU Driver

The Radeon RX 640 carries the same device ID as the Radeon RX 550X, while the Radeon RX 630 has the same ID as the Radeon 540X. The Radeon RX 550X is a low-end graphics card with a Polaris 23 XT GPU and the 540X is rocking a Polaris 23 MXL GPU.

This certainly isn’t the graphics card line-up we were waiting for and would represent the fourth refresh/rebrand of the Polaris GPU architecture. However, this is out for confirmation of the Radeon RX 600 series, which could perhaps put paid to the rumoured Radeon RX 3000 series which utilises Navi GPUs. AMD may still aim for a split naming scheme though, we’ll have to wait and see.

We’re within a couple of months of Navi launching now, so it does seem quite unusual for AMD to introduce another refresh at this late stage. This could, perhaps, be an indicator that the first wave of Radeon RX Navi graphics cards won’t be targeting the budget-tier. Price to performance is allegedly key for Navi, and the focus could well be on that Radeon RX 580-ish $200-$300 tier for early Navi chips.