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NAND flash memory prices to tumble, 512GB SSDs expected to cost less than 10 cents per GB
By Neil Soutter on May 13th, 2019 at 04:42pm - original article from game-debate

SSD prices are set to tumble faster than EA’s share value over the rest of 2019, with the price-per-gigabyte expected to drop below 10 cents, representing an all-time low.

The research from market specialists TrendForce points towards double-digit percentage price drops during the next quarter alone, with further declines in Q3 and Q4 expected to bring the price of 512GB SSDs down to below $0.1 per GB.

Stocks of NAND flash memory are currently hugely oversupplied and competing SSD manufacturers are now locked in a price war which is causing a spiraling drop in the market value of SSDs. A 512GB Silicon Power SSD has just hit a low of $49.99, for example, compared with a high of $129 in May 2018. That particular example is already below 10 cents per gigabyte, oddly enough.


Due to the plummeting prices, TrendForce believes 512GB SSDs will rapidly become a standardised mainstream storage component, rather than 128GB. 256GB SSDs should hold the largest market share but 512GB variants are expected to shift into second place.

SSD Price Drops 2019

Among notebooks, more than 50% sold now come with solid state drives rather than traditional HDD storage, and this is expected to rise as high as 65% by the end of 2019. Should SSD prices continue to fall, we’re beginning to look at SSD and HDD prices being interchangeable at lower volumes such as 128GB - 1TB. There would no longer be much monetary advantage to going with a hard drive, and certainly no performance advantage outside of the mass storage options for HDDs.

Looking a bit further afield, demand for NAND flash memory is expected to pick up later in the year, particularly with the launch of new iPhones. Couple this with NAND manufacturers slowing their expansion and we can expect to see SSD prices begin to level out by the end of the year.

The bottom line then is we’re fast approaching the ideal time to buy an SSD. If you’re in the market for some high-speed storage, the next three months or so could well end up being your best chance at scoring the lowest-priced deal. It’s a volatile industry though, so we don’t anticipate these prices staying this low forever.