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AMD Steps Up 7nm Chip Orders for Next-Gen CPUs and GPUs as TSMC Ramp Up 7nm Production
By Jon Sutton on April 5th, 2019 at 03:25pm - original article from game-debate

AMD has allegedly stepped up its orders for 7nm chips in an aggressive fashion in order to secure the silicon before Apple can get its greedy mitts on a large order. Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC will be responsible for AMD’s 7nm output, and the foundry is expected to be running at maximum capacity with the new 7nm process by Q3 2019.

TSMC is now ramping up production of 7nm after some large orders from AMD and HiSilicon. AMD appears to have beaten the competition to the punch here though and will benefit from the early roll-off of 7nm tech. They’ll need to be quick as it looks as if Apple has secured a large order of 7nm chips from TSMC in Q3 2019, gearing up for the launch of its next iPhone.

7nm chips have been slow off the mark but now AMD finds itself competing with the giants at Apple for its share of production. AMD is evidently very close to unleashing its Navi 7nm graphics cards and so it’s imperative that future supplies of silicon are secured.

The 7nm process technology will be used by TSMC to produce new GPUs, CPUs, AI solutions and server chips. It’s expected to lead to strong growth in TSMC’s revenue as production escalates. It could be quite the turnaround for TSMC which has suffered a number of issues lately, including contaminated silicon wafers and fabrication plants being hit by the WannaCry ransomware.

It’s great news for AMD as well, hurling it headlong into the 7nm generation across its Zen 2-powered AMD Ryzen 300 processors and the upcoming AMD Navi Radeon architecture. Both of these next-gen parts are due to be unveiled during AMD’s Computex keynote in May. Achieving concurrent GPU and CPU launches with 7nm chips would be no easy task for AMD though, and depending on supply constraints this could affect launch scheduling.