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Up For Debate - What Do You Consider a Mid-Range Graphics Card to Be?
By Jon Sutton on March 23rd, 2019 at 05:46pm - original article from game-debate

A couple of days ago, Nvidia’s PR truth-bending went into overdrive in its investor day report. One small nugget of truth stuck with me though, and that was Nvidia claiming 90% of all GeForce graphics card owners have performance below the level of a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.

This essentially means any GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card or weaker, indicating the lion’s share of Nvidia’s customers isn’t anywhere near the top-end GPUs which typically gain the most attention. For all the talk of Nvidia’s dominance in terms of top-end performance, for most gamers, it would seem this irrelevant.

Where this thinking led me though is what people think mid-range graphics cards are. It sounds like a bit of a daft question but only because Nvidia and AMD are both guilty of marketing $300-$400 graphics as mid-range. No doubt it’s all in an effort to make potential customers who go for a weaker GPU feel as they’re cheaping out, and it probably works to a degree.

In terms of Nvidia graphics card, I’ve long thought of the x60 range as the epitome of mid-range. The graphics cards where price meets performance in a comfortable ratio. The GeForce RTX 2060 kind of upended this thinking though, and it’s difficult to argue a $400 graphics card that costs more than a PS4 Pro is ‘mid-range’, a term pretty much interchangeable with ‘average’. Nvidia has flipped the mid-range on its head with this generation, adding a premium-tier RTX x60 range on top of a cheaper x60 GTX family.

So which modern graphics cards do you consider mid-range graphics card? And what do you think mid-range GPU pricing should be? Get voting and let us know why below!