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Control's New GDC '19 Trailer Dives Into the RTX Real-Time Ray-Tracing Features
By Stuart Thomas on March 19th, 2019 at 11:23am - original article from game-debate

Remedy has revealed another peek at its upcoming sci-fi shooter Control, this time highlighting the real-time ray-tracing features made possible through GeForce RTX.

A trio of RTX features are highlighted throughout this demo, comprising Ray Traced Indirect Diffuse, Ray Traced Indirect Specular, and Ray Traced Contact Shadows.

The demo kicks off with a 1m17s look at some more generalised gameplay before heading into a Ray Traced Indirect Diffuse demo. This particular demo attempts to show how light from the original source (the projector) can bounce off walls, chairs, books, and affect the lighting of the objects around them. A great example of this is to look at the red binder on the floor. You can see from its position that not much light would fall on its edge due to the box, nor is the floor very reflective. This provides a much more realistic look to the binder which, with RTX off, is basically completely illuminated.

After this, we get a peek at Ray Traced Indirect Specular. Specular is just another word for having mirror-like properties, showing off appropriately enough with a mirror. This isn’t just any old pre-baked reflection though. It shows the scene changing in real-time, and it also smart enough to account for the altered reflections when the mirror is broken.

And finally, we come to Ray Traced Contact Shadows. This effect adds shadows when objects meet, only this time it works in real-time and can be altered dynamically by moving lights. While this effect is most obvious in the slow-motion pan, the final clip where the protagonist hurls a lamp really is an impressive showcase of the sort of things ray-tracing is capable of.

Remedy’s Control is due to launch this summer on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although ray-tracing features will be exclusive to PC players.