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Rumour: Disc-Less 'Xbox One S All-Digital Edition' to Launch May 2019 at Budget Price
By Stuart Thomas on April 15th, 2019 at 05:29pm - original article from game-debate

UPDATE: The full packaging and alleged launch details for Microsoft's disc-free Xbox One console have launched. The box renders come from WinFuture.de and show the European packaging for the 'Xbox One S All-Digital', a new version of the Xbox One S with its disc drive effectively ripped out.

On the front of the box, we can see it touts 'Disc-Free Gaming' as some sort of selling point, packaging in three digital games out of the box - Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3.

Xbox One S all Digital

This is a 1TB model, so there's enough room on there for, ooh, 6 or so copies of Gears of War 4. 4K Ultra HD support is advertised, although 4K Blu ray discs cannot be used, obviously, and games on the Xbox One S cap out at 1080p screen resolution. You will be able to use the Xbox One S All Digital to stream 4K video content though.

Microsoft is hosting its Inside Xbox showcase tomorrow evening so an official reveal then seems more than likely, following by a pre-order campaign and an expected launch on May 7th.

Pricing currently puts the disc-less Xbox One S at  €229.99/£199.99. You can actually pick up an Xbox One S 1TB for £193 on Amazon right now so this isn't the most tempting proposition. However, this console does come with three free games and, although it's difficult to see from the picture, it may have a smaller footprint.

Original Story: 06-Mar-2019 - Rumour: Disc-Less 'Xbox One S All-Digital Edition' to Launch May 2019 at Budget Price

Microsoft is allegedly gearing up for a new console launch, although it may not be the one you’ve been hoping for. Reports have emerged that Microsoft is preparing to release the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. It really just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Codenamed Maverick, the premise of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is pretty simple - it comes without a disc drive. Internally, it’ll be the exact same specs as the Xbox One S, but the removal of the disc drive will allow Microsoft to reduce the components, shrinking the console, and bring it to market for a cheaper price.

Windows Central reports we could see a disc-less Xbox One S console launch globally within a matter of months. Early May is being touted, with an announcement and pre-orders sometime in April.

The downside to such a console, obviously enough, is users will be restricted to buying all of their games from the Xbox store. No disc copies, no trade-ins, and no lending games. On the flipside, Xbox Game Pass is an enticing package of around 200 games that should be more than enough to keep most folks busy.

Perhaps most crucial to all of this is the matter of pricing. On the surface, this sounds like an addressive plan to get as many Xbox One consoles as possible, in as many homes as possible, for as cheap as possible.  

A 1TB Xbox One S can be had for $207 on Amazon right now. Bring that figure down to $150 and you’ve got a console that’s half the price of the $300 PS4 Slim. Things have come a long way since the Xbox One launched as the significantly more expensive console. A $150 Xbox One S would be a big deal, make no mistake about it. At that point, it’s beginning to dip into impulse buy territory for a lot of people, and a few months of Xbox Game Pass thrown in would only sweeten the deal.

Could disc-less consoles become the standard for the future generation? Or are we all set for another PSP Go failure?