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It Turns Out MSI's Optix G27C2 is a Bullet-Stopping Monitor
By Stuart Thomas on March 5th, 2019 at 03:30pm - original article from game-debate

We’ve had a copy of Morrowind save a man’s live, and now it’s the turn of an MSI’s Optix G27C2 144Hz display. This 27” 1080p curved panel with AMD FreeSync support may seem relatively innocuous but it turns out it also does a sideline in bullet stopping.

Eric Gan, a resident of California, USA, had five bullets shot into his house from the street after an overzealous party goer decided it was time to evoke their second amendment rights. We’ll skip over how dumb as hell that all is and get straight to the point - the MSI Optix G27C2 stopped a bullet in its tracks during the early hours of yesterday morning.

The bullet hit the screen right in the back of the screen and stopped dead. Amazingly, the monitor somehow still functions perfectly fine. We wouldn't ever suggest you try such madness in your own home though. MSI's screen may be made of diamond-encrusted kevlar armour but please don't shoot your screen.

A grand total of five shots were fired into Gan’s house by some gun-toting loon, entering the property through the windows and walls. Four of them ended up lodged in the ceilings and walls, including one that ricocheted off a ceiling fan, while one hit the precious gaming monitor.

“House just got shot by random stranger from the street. Msi monitor got hit and blocked the bullet and still functioning. What a day.. shout out to @msiUSA @msitweets” said Gane on Twitter.

Naturally, MSI’s PR team was onto this quicker than you can say 9mm, dropping Gan a message to say they’ll be sending him out a replacement monitor and some MSI swag following the unfortunate events of March 4th. All's well that end's well then. Gan's ended up with a new monitor, MSI's got some nice PR, and America's got its right to bear arms at drunken house parties. Win/win.