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First Intel Gen 11 GT2 Iris Plus 940 Graphics Benchmarks Show Huge Gains on Par With Vega 11
By Jon Sutton on February 25th, 2019 at 03:33pm - original article from game-debate

The first benchmarks have arrived for Intel’s next GT2 integrated GPI, the Intel Gen11 GT2. The new iGPUs are likely to debut on the upcoming Ice Lake processors due to launch later this year, offering some radical performance improvements over Gen9 GT2. As a quick reminder, Gen10 GT2 was due to arrive with Cannon Lake but issues with the 10nm process caused Intel to skip over this generation entirely.

Benchmarks have been performed across GFXBench, CompuBench, and various other synthetic performance tools. Unsurprisingly, Gen 11 GT2 absolute smashes Gen 9 GT2 performance and even begins to start taking on the AMD’s Vega integrated graphics featured on the Ryzen 2700U and 2400G.

The results are slightly skewed in that the comparison runs the Irus Plus Graphics 940 against UHD Graphics 620, skipping over UHD Graphics 630 which tends to run around 10-15% faster than UHD Graphics 620. Nevertheless, we’re still seeing performance gains in synthetic benchmarks ranging from 50% all the way up to 132%. That’s a big boost and stars to put Intel Gen11 GT2 up into the realm of Vega 11 graphics.


Intel’s priority with Gen 11 GT2 has been on boosting the raw compute performance, and it shows. We’re looking at around 1 TFLOP of performance on an iGPU; a first for Intel. They’ve repartitioned the architecture, massively increasing memory sizes and adding support for tile-based rendering. On Gen9 each L3 cache featured a bank of 768KB memory, while for Gen 11 there’s 3MB shared L3 cache and an additional 512KB shared local memory (SLM) for improved efficiency and reduced memory contention.

The bottom line is that Gen 11 GT2 is faster, much faster, with an average performance gain of 76% across all benchmark tests when compared to Gen 9. There’s also the prospect that Gen 11 GT2 could be far from the finished article. Intel may still be working on optimisation of engineering samples and these figures could yet rise.


If we stack these results up as they are though,  then Gen 11 holds a considerable performance advantage over Vega 10, while it’s just a couple of percentage point behind Vega 11 graphics.

It’s not going to be the ideal hardware to play AAA games but it should be a great fit for some ultra-thin laptops to bargain-bin desktops provided you only want to do some light gaming.