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Rumour: AMD 7nm Navi Graphics Cards Delayed Until October 2019
By Jon Sutton on February 10th, 2019 at 02:08pm - original article from game-debate

AMD might be making headlines these days with the arrival of its seemingly token effort high-end graphics card, the recently launched Radeon VII, but it could be a while until Team Red is making headlines again.

Reports are emerging that AMD’s next-generation graphics cards which utilise the 7nm Navi GPU have been delayed and now won’t be ready to launch until October of this year.

Numerous reports are alleging that AMD will still be officially unveiling Navi at Computex in June. However, there will there be a significant four-month gap from their announcement to their eventual launch in October 2019.

There’s a number of moving parts at play here but the logic certainly makes sense. Navi will be AMD’s next stab at mainstream graphics processors after relying on Polaris for the past handful of years. Navi will be manufactured on 7nm chips and manufacturing competition is heated. A lot of tech firms want a lot of 7nm chips, and so AMD could have a wait on its hands until it’s got a sufficient quantity of Navi graphics cards ready for launch.

The production issue is compounded by the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Both consoles are almost assuredly going to be using Navi GPUs of some sort, and their reveals are going to factor in with the Navi reveal. They’ll also be needing millions upon millions of Navi GPUs in time for their expected launches in 2020.

AMD Navi is expected to replace the current Radeon RX 500 and Vega series, introducing more budget-conscious 7nm graphics. The new architecture should bring about positive improvements to both power efficiency and performance after a few years of small-step refreshes.