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Intel Discontinues Core Coffee Lake CPU and Optane Range Due to 'Lack of Demand'
By Stuart Thomas on January 18th, 2019 at 12:52pm - original article from game-debate

Intel has confirmed it will be discontinuing its range of Core+ desktop products due to a lack of demand.

Retailers and OEMs have until 30th September 2019 to place their final orders for the Intel Core platform extension processor that include Intel Optane memory for responsive performance.

Intel only ever released three Core+ 8th Gen CPU bundles during the entirety of the Core+ lifespan. These comprised the Intel Core i5+8400, Intel Core i5+8500, and the Intel Core i7+8700.

Intel 8th Gen Core+ Optane

Each bundle included an Intel 8th Gen Core processor paired with 16GB Optane Memory that accelerates responsiveness while using a PC. Optane Memory essentially works a lot like an SSHD, remembering a user’s most-used files, folders, and applications, even after shutdown, allowing users to get back up and running faster after booting.

"Due to lack of market demand Intel is announcing the discontinuance of the Universal and China Boxed Intel Core i7+8700, i5+8400, and i5+8500 Processors listed,” Intel said in a product change notification.

Intel Core+ Product Change Notification

This isn’t a nail in the coffin for the Intel Optane Memory technology, but rather Intel discovered users weren’t being tempted into purchasing Optane Memory alongside their new Coffee Lake processor. However, Optane memory still isn’t exactly setting the world alight so it’ll be interesting to see where Intel goes from here. Intel did recently part ways with Micron who were jointly manufacturing the 3D XPoint memory used for Optane and it’s now handling all fabrication in-house.

Final orders core Intel Core+ will be taken on September 30 and the final shipments will be delivered no later than December 27th, 2019.