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G. Skill Reveals Crystalline Gold and Silver Trident Z Royal Series DDR4 RGB Memory
By Jon Sutton on November 22nd, 2018 at 02:44pm - original article from game-debate

Calling all folks with shockingly poor taste and money burning a hole in their wallet - G. Skill has revealed its Trident Z Royal Series of DDR4 memory for the, er, more discerning clientele. This rather naff and no doubt expect memory series features aluminium heat spreaders polished with silver or cold, as well as a crystalline RGB lightbar with multiple different lighting zones so you can create your very own disco inside your PC.

“Meticulously crafted to display just the right amount of light refraction, the crystalline light bar scatters the RGB colors in a magnificent display of LED lighting,” says G.Skill. “Mirroring the high-class light bar design, polished aluminum heat spreaders of gold or silver colors cools the memory modules in the award-winning classic Trident Z tri-fin design.”

There are a variety of options heading to market, ranging from DDR4-3000MHz all the way up to DDR-4600MHz. I’m sure there’s an audience out there somewhere for this thing, particularly those predisposed to a bit of bling. Going for the DDR4-3000 option definitely seems a bit daft though; if you’re going to pay over the odds you may as well get some good performance to go with it. G Skill is confident these are going to appeal to enthusiasts and overclockers after the best in performance and looks.

Pricing has yet to be revealed for G Skill’s new Trident Z Royal Series RAM, but G SKill has promised all will be revealed in December. Expect a hefty price premium on these unique items though.

Anybody tempted to spruce up their system with a set of these? How seriously do you take pimping out your PC setup? Does your PC resemble a UFO? Let us know!