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Rumour: Nvidia Sitting on Stockpile of 1 Million Next-Gen Graphics Cards
By Jon Sutton on July 5th, 2018 at 04:28pm - original article from game-debate

With the next-generation GPUs right around the corner, the graphics card rumours are flying thick and fast right now. The latest, from DigiTimes, suggests that Nvidia has been busy stockpiling a mammoth supply of one million next-gen Geforce Gaming GPUs in preparation for a huge launch.

DigiTimes claim they’ve heard about the huge haul of graphics cards from its sources nestled in the supply chain. They allege that the worldwide graphics card market currently has an inventory of around seven million graphics cards, with one million of these GPUs being Nvidia’s next-generation product.

The reduced demand for GPUs from cryptocurrency miners has seen a chilling effect on the entire market. Graphics card prices are expected to drop by an average of 20% in July alone, and this has contributed to the six million units of excess stock that is currently lying around.

For those looking to pick up a graphics card soon, DigiTimes believes a number of small and medium-sized crypto farming operations are closing their doors and will be flooding the market with their used graphics cards. Vendors will be forced to drop the retail value of new GPUs in order to compete and shift the expensive stock.

Whilst on the surface this is all sounds like great news, the result is that we may have an extra wait on our hands for GeForce Turing. Despite the huge stockpile of next-gen GPUs, Nvidia’s apparently been forced to postpone the next-gen launch until late in Q4 2018 as it looks to shift its excess Pascal chips.

Basically, it’s a chicken and egg scenario. Customers need to buy up the current stock of GeForce GPUs in order for the next generation to release. With prices expected to drop dramatically this month, that may not be as bad a deal as it sounds. Just don’t get a DDR4 GeForce GT 1030, whatever you do.

If all of this is slightly confusing you, you're not alone. Just last week, WCCFTech had an exclusive report claiming that Nvidia AIB partners would have just a few hundred GPUs each at launch, although they were in agreement that launch could slip into Q4 2018.

Source: DigiTimes