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Lenovo Launching Legion Laptop in Q4 2018 With GeForce GTX 1160 6GB GPU
By Neil Soutter on July 5th, 2018 at 12:49pm - original article from game-debate

You’ll have to forgive us for being a little bit suspicious, but laptop-focused hardware site LaptopMedia is claiming that Lenovo has confirmed the upcoming Lenovo Legion Y530 revision will feature an unannounced Nvidia GeForce GTX 1160 6GB GPU.

Nvidia has yet to even reveal its flagship desktop chips for the much-anticipated GeForce GTX 11 series but rumours are already flying about the notebook variants. The high-end desktop GTX 11 GPUs are expected to launch in August or September, inevitably followed by a mid-range GeForce GTX 1160, and then we usually have to wait a good few months until the notebook graphics cards start trickling in.

Things could be a little different this time around though, as LaptopMedia has confirmed that the Lenovo Legion Y530 has an updated model due in November or December that will include the next-gen Nvidia GeForce GTX 1160.

Lenovo Laptop GTX 1160

It all sounds pretty straightforward. LaptopMedia has got the scoop directly from Lenovo, who perhaps said a bit more than they were supposed. However, where things get a little trickier is when we consider the Lenovo Legion Y530 is currently only available with either a GeForce GTX 1050 or GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. There is no GeForce GTX 1060 yet, let alone GTX 1160, so could this potentially be a case of crossed wires?

Specifics just aren’t provided, unfortunately, aside from the GeForce GTX 1160 being a 6GB video card, allegedly. This is exactly the same as the current GeForce GTX 1060. The alternative is that this is, in fact, the low-end version of the GTX 1160 and that there’s actually a 12GB version in the pipeline. It’s all absolute guesswork as we haven’t heard a peep about a GeForce GTX 1160 from Nvidia itself.